Staggering Loss: $136K Cryptopunk #685 NFT Burned Due to Investor’s Wrapping Error

Ethereum Burns 1559 ETH Daily
  1. Valuable CryptoPunk #685 worth 77 ETH burned due to wrapping error.
  2. Investor Riley intended to leverage NFT for funds during crypto bull run.
  3. Riley had borrowed funds to purchase NFT, dispelling rumors of wealth

In a startling turn of events, a valuable nonfungible token (NFT) from the renowned CryptoPunks collection, worth a staggering 77 Ether, met an untimely demise as it was inadvertently dispatched to a burn address, sealing its fate in eternal digital oblivion. The NFT in question, CryptoPunk #685, had been recently acquired by collector Brandon Riley on March 13 with the lofty sum of 77 ETH, as he envisioned holding onto the prized asset for an extended period.

A savvy investor, Riley understood the value of acquiring novel NFTs just as the crypto markets were gearing up for a fresh bull run. Consequently, he opted to leverage CryptoPunk #685 to secure additional funds through a technique known as wrapping.

However, as Riley navigated the labyrinthine intricacies of the wrapping procedure, he inadvertently dispatched the cherished NFT to a burn address, resulting in its irrevocable removal from circulation. Aghast, the NFT community took to Crypto Twitter, speculating that the collector must possess considerable wealth to withstand such a calamitous loss.

Contrary to these speculations, Riley revealed that he had financed the acquisition of CryptoPunk #685 with borrowed funds, quashing the rumors of his seemingly bottomless 


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