Shiba Inu: Shibarium Now Ranks Top 5 Most Active Networks on NOWNodes!

  • Shibarium achieved top-five status on the NOWNodes platform.
  • NOWNodes amplifies capacity for Shibarium RPC Node utilization due to increased demand.
  • Integration of Shibarium Tech Suite bots and 0xShibarium AI by NOWNodes enhances the ecosystem’s DeFi tool functionalities.

Shibarium, the robust blockchain underpinning the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem, has surged into the top five most active networks on NOWNodes, a pivotal milestone underscoring its burgeoning prominence within the blockchain space.

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This achievement was brought to light through a notification from NOWNodes, highlighting the escalating utilization of Shibarium and the consequent necessity to expand its capacity. The development swiftly garnered attention from the official Shiba Inu X handle, whose enthusiastic response echoed the excitement surrounding Shibarium’s ascent to the elite league of active networks.

Shibarium’s rapid rise to the upper echelons of the NOWNodes platform follows the recent deployment of the Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) node by NOWNodes merely two months ago. This launch empowered blockchain developers, enabling seamless integration of Shiba Inu RPC nodes into their projects, fortifying infrastructure, and simplifying node maintenance within an hour—a boon for the development community.

The surge in Shibarium’s utilization on NOWNodes led to heightened requests and calls, compelling NOWNodes to bolster the capacity for Shibarium RPC Node utilization. The platform’s move to accommodate the escalating demands signifies a crucial step towards embracing more requests and integrating partners with larger volumes.

Furthermore, to bolster Shibarium’s ecosystem, NOWNodes integrated the Shibarium Tech Suite bots, including Sniper Bot, Live Pairing Bot, Trending Bot, and Buy Bot, augmenting the functionality of automated DeFi tools. In a similar vein, the platform announced its integration with 0xShibarium AI, a comprehensive all-in-one solution tailored for Shibarium, demonstrating a concerted effort to enhance the blockchain’s capabilities.

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