Ripple Recognized Among Top 100 Companies for Compassion by PEOPLE Magazine

  • Ripple featured in PEOPLE’s top 100 caring firms for employees and society.
  • Ripple’s CSR initiative and employee support contribute to its recognition.
  • Company’s humanitarian efforts reflect commitment to social causes.

Ripple, a lovable underdog of the crypto community seems to also really care about their employees. Specifically, it secured a position in PEOPLE magazine’s esteemed list of the top 100 companies known for their compassion towards employees and society. 

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PEOPLE, a well-respected American publication, unveiled its annual roster of companies that exhibit exceptional care for their communities and employees. This recognition follows Ripple’s recent accolade for its humanitarian efforts earlier this month. In particular, the event emphasizes the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Acknowledging the honor, Ripple expressed gratitude to its employees for their commitment to social causes through the Ripple Impact programs. Accordingly, the company stated that being included in PEOPLE’s 100 Companies That Care for 2023 is a source of pride. 

Ripple’s Impact programs have enabled its employees to contribute to local and global causes throughout the year. PEOPLE’s annual ranking focuses on businesses that exceed expectations in terms of customer appreciation and inspire their employees to engage in endeavors that better society. 

Ripple Stands Tall and Proud Alongside Other Prominent Brands

In the 2023 edition, Ripple shares the spotlight with prominent health and technology-focused companies like Adobe Systems Incorporated, NVIDIA, HP Inc., and Mastercard.

PEOPLE particularly highlighted Ripple’s corporate social responsibility program, Ripple Impact, which emphasizes financial inclusion, research, and sustainability. The magazine also praised Ripple’s support for employees to actively participate in charitable activities and explore organizations aligned with their values.

Notably, PEOPLE highlighted a significant moment in 2021 when Ripple witnessed an impressive surge in employee charitable contributions. Ripple matched employee donations, up to $1,000 per full-time employee annually, and provided a $50 credit to initiate the first donation upon joining.

A Ripple employee remarked on the company’s culture of community service and support for maintaining work-life balance. The company has recently highlighted its partnership with the humanitarian organization CARE, demonstrating its commitment to making a meaningful difference in various communities, including its contributions to CARE’s efforts in East Africa.

Ripple’s recognition by PEOPLE underlines its dedication to combining business success with a positive impact on society, setting an example for others in the industry.

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