Ripple and Metaco Partnership Remains Strong, Metaco Shares Updates on Ripple’s Institutional-Grade Custody Solutions

  • Metaco shares exciting updates via Ripple’s website.
  • It looks like the Ripple and Metaco partnership is stronger than ever.
  • Ripple’s institutional-grade custody solution is the gift that keeps on giving.

As Ripple continues to partner with renowned and esteemed institutes across the world, its recognition grows. Recently, the crypto payments solution announced a partnership with Metaco, an institutional digital asset custody, trading, and DeFi company.

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This partnership continues to be a solid strategic move for both parties. In fact, it also acts as a shining example of what Ripple brings to the table for similar services looking to upgrade their banking, payment, and other financial solutions.

In a recent post, Metaco encourages interested parties to check Ripple for all Metaco updates and news regarding institutional-grade custody solutions. The project says all reasons behind their partnership are highlighted there.

Upon exploring the page, visitors can see  how Ripple is working towards securely bringing access for digital assets to a greater part of the world. Not only is it doing so, but it is also simplifying the process by eliminating several barriers to participate.

According to Ripple’s model in providing this service, it begins by scaling bespoke business models in new markets by tapping into the potential of the digital asset economy. It understands how important custody is to unlocking value and to address growing demand for new asset classes.

It also works towards building a novel use case across asset tokenization, trading, staking, stablecoin issuance, and beyond. Ripple’s foundational enterprise-grade software infrastructure offers all this and much more.

More so, Ripple promises to be the angle source of truth and brings a unified governance framework for scalably and securely managing all digital assets. Thus, industry leaders like Metaco choose Ripple for its security, compliance, flexibility, and networks.

Responses to the post show nothing but support for Ripple’s mission and encouragement for more institutes to join the cause. Metaco is also praised alongside Ripple and the crypto community as a whole awaits May 20 for the final verdict in the SEC vs Ripple case.

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