Publishing Platform Launches Writing NFTs
  • Mirror allows writers to mint their creation into NFT and sell it via the platform.
  • Minting Writings NFTs are free of charge.
  • Creators will be able to choose the number of supplies and the price for their Writing NFTs.

Inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum whitepaper, the blockchain-based publishing platform introduced “Writing NFTs” via its platform.

As of today, users can now create their first Writing NFT from the platform’s dashboard, collect from a list of source entries organized systematically by Mirror DAO, and explore the top entries on the new leaderboard.

“At Mirror, we believe the next big idea will be collected as a Writing NFT,” stated in the announcement post created by the Mirror team as a Writing NFT.

Launched in 2020, Mirror has built a space for Web 3.0 ideas to develop. Writers, such as DAO operators, NFT projects, engineers, investors, and protocol teams, make use of its platform to introduce their ideas to the space.

Mirror allows these writers to mint their writings as NFT, choose how many supplies to create, and set a price for those writing NFTs. 

Writers will not pay anything when creating Writing NFTs via Mirror’s platform. Ethereum L2, where the collection occurs, makes the transactions cheap, efficient, and environment friendly.

Numerous writers from the community have minted their first Writing NFT upon launch. One of them was Chase Chapman, who minted Co-ownership as a web3 social primitive via the platform. Chapman’s Writing NFT, which has 333 supplies at 0.01 ETH each, already became a hit on Mirror. Collectors will be able to purchase Writing NFTs on secondary markets once sold out via the platform.

The announcement post of Mirror currently remains the top purchased Writing NFT via the platform. It currently raised up to 4.20 ETH (around $388K at the time of writing) owned by 362 unique collectors.

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