Pro-Bitcoin vs Anti-Bitcoin Divides US Presidential Candidates

  1. The 2024 US Presidential election candidates are using Bitcoin to gather momentum.
  2. Kennedy, DeSantis, and Ramaswamy are Pro-Bitcoin.
  3. Trump and Biden are Anti-Bitcoin.

The ongoing US Presidential elections has its Presidential candidates standing at opposing ends when it comes to the matter of Bitcoin. It seems new candidates are using their Pro-Bitcoin stand to take the win while experienced candidates remain Anti-Bitcoin.

According to the tweet above, we can see that Republican candidates DeSantis and Ramaswamy are Pro-Bitcoin. Just recently, DeSantis made this clear in one of his Twitter spaces saying as President, he would allow Bitcoin activity.

Along with them on the Pro-Bitcoin side stands Robert F. Kennedy from the Democratic candidates. In opposition, we have Republican candidate Trump and Democratic candidate Biden on the Anti-Bitcoin side. 

In response to this tweet, one reply points to the fact that Trump is not Anti-Bitcoin and crypto as he launched his own NFT collection not long ago. To this, Altcoin Daily responds saying that is true. 

However, it goes on to justify its original post by saying, what Trump likes is making money and licensing his brand. Thir response also goes on to say that it would be cool if Trump vocally did come to support NFTs. But until then, it is likely he is Anti-Bitcoin and crypto.

Another response to the tweet points to how it is only the older candidates who do not support Bitcoin. It even says this is because they don’t understand it. But, perhaps they actually refuse to understand it. From DeSantis’ Twitter space, he says others are against it because they do not want to give up financial control. 

Of all the candidates so far, Kennedy has been most actively in support of Bitcoin. Not only was he a keynote at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, but he also announced that his campaign is accepting donations in Bitcoin.

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