Polygon Poised for 20% Rally Amid Positive Network Updates

  1. Polygon Labs signed a long-term deal with Google Cloud’s computing division.
  2. Also, the network announced the launch of a zkEVM bridge.
  3. These developments saw MATIC’s price turning bullish, with an impending 20% surge.

Polygon’s price awaits more upsurges amid the latest network news. The recent report had Polygon Labs revealing a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud. Both firms announced the multi-year deal on 27 April.

Polygon Signs a Deal with Google Cloud

The agreement indicated that Google Cloud would introduce a node hosting service to offer clients automatic access to Polygon’s nodes. Moreover, Google Cloud will provide services that strengthen Polygon’s zkEVM – a new scaling solution. Polygon Labs comments that executing zero-knowledge proofs is cheaper and faster on Google Cloud than the current method.

Moreover, the Google Cloud-Polygon Labs will offer features related to the Polygon Supernets. Meanwhile, this might happen by the end of Q3 of 2023. Furthermore, new Polygon-supported startups can receive funding, including Google Cloud credits worth $200,000. The financing represents massive benefits stretching to other web3-associated startups, according to Google Cloud’s 25 April declaration.

Moreover, the agreement highlighted that Google Cloud has been supporting Polygon. For instance, Polygon PoS (proof-of-stake) nodes are accessible on Google Cloud. Polygon has been in Google Datasets since 2021.

Polygon Unveils zkEVM Bridge

Reposts indicated that the crypto project also launched the zkEVM, an outstanding innovation designed to improve user experience while promoting ETH’s mainnet capabilities. That means market players can withdraw money from the ETH mainnet within 30-60 minutes.

MATIC Poised for 20% Rally Amid Optimistic Network Updates

Polygon’s price seems ready to explode, drawing support from the latest positive network updates. While writing this news, the token traded at $1.010, reflecting a 3% 24hr gain. Amplified buying momentum around current price levels can see MATIC heading to higher targets.

Impressive price actions might see MATIC’s price hitting the resistance at $1.200, indicating a 20% surge from the alt’s current price. Magnified bullishness will take MATIC higher to explore the hurdle at $1.377, regaining levels explored during mid-February peaks.

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