Only Bitcoin Can Equalize Power Dynamics Says Michael Saylor

  • Michael Saylor addresses the crypto community via a tweet about Bitcoin.
  • He says Bitcoin is the reason the powerful no longer take from the powerless. 
  • His tweet makes it seem that Bitcoin is the reason we have a balanced power structure.

As the crypto adoption wave continues to grow stronger despite bearish signals, Michael Saylor rallies Bitcoin believers. In particular, the CEO of MicroStrategy and firm Bitcoin supporter reminds the public why Bitcoin matters in a tweet.

As we can see from the tweet above, he says that since the dawn of history, the person with the larger stick has always taken from the person with the smaller stick. In fact, he highlights that the ones in power took money from those that did not hold power. 

This scenario has played throughout history. For a very long time those in power could get away with unsavory behavior because the law worked in their favor. For instance, those in power held authority, resources, and the public sway, through negative emotions like fear. 

The case is no longer the same. Since Bitcoin’s debut in 2009, the masses now have a way to keep every person in check. To highlight, Bitcoin put blockchain technology on the map. Now, everyone has become aware of the potential of the technology. 

More importantly, Bitcoin allowed for the decentralization of finances. With this move, money — the root of all evil, could be governed by the public. Every monetary transaction became transparent, whilst still providing anonymity and privacy. Indeed, it was a revolutionary and groundbreaking moment in financial history. 

Recently, Michael Saylor went on to compare Bitcoin to Ethereum. He says in a Bitcoin vs Ethereum debate, Bitcoin will always come out on top. Furthermore, he even goes as far to say that Ethereum is unethical. Meanwhile, during the crypto meltdown, he strongly goes on to encourage crypto investors to invest in Bitcoin. More so, he predicted that the USA will most likely be the nation to profit the most from crypto adoption. This should come as so surprise as at the moment, the USA is leading the crypto adoption race

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