Mobile Mining Apps That Give You Free Crypto

Mobile Mining Apps That Give You Free $BTC and Altcoins

Because of its volatility and unpredictability, the cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable. In this situation, some investors prefer to invest in sure and fast ways to earn cryptocurrencies instead of trading them.

Cryptocurrency mining is one way for investors to earn passive income by using equipment such as GPUs, ASICs, or mobile devices.

Based on the type of equipment used, the type of coin being mined, and the number of units deployed, GPU and ASIC miners can earn a substantial amount of cryptocurrency. In contrast, mining cryptocurrencies using a mobile device does not cost as much electricity as mining with GPUs and ASICs, but still yields significant profits.

Mobile Mining Apps for Huge Cryptocurrencies Profits


The CryptoTab web browser allows you to mine Bitcoins using your computer or phone at your desired speed so your device consumes as little energy as possible. 

More than 25 million users around the world use the CryptoTab network. The unique crypto-mining algorithm built into CryptoTab lets users mine BTC seamlessly. 

Because CryptoTab is available globally, you can use the web browser wherever you are. 

Pi Network 

Users can mine with this app using Android and iOS devices. Users need only press the mine icon to start mining, and the app will continue to mine for 24 hours. If mining stops, users will need to press the mine icon again.

Bee Network

A platform called ‘Bee Network’ allows users to mine BEE cryptocurrencies on their computers and mobile devices. By pressing the mine icon (the picture of a bee), users can mine BEE tokens continuously for 24 hours. The time required to mine tokens depends on how many people you invite. 

Coin App

A geomining app called COIN is available for Android and iOS devices. After installing the app, it will automatically start mining as soon as you move from place to place.

As a reward for mining, COIN tokens will be issued, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


In StormGain, you don’t need any special hardware to mine Bitcoins. All you need is your mobile phone to download the app. It is, however, necessary for users to activate the mining process once every four hours, as opposed to other applications, such as Pi Network, which are continuously mining.

Bitcoin Miner

You can mine Bitcoin with the Bitcoin Miner app on your Android phone. You can choose between two different mining pools: PPLNS (pay-per-last-N-shares) and SMPPS (shared maximum payout per share).  


Users can mine cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Dashcoin, and Bytecoin with MinerGate, a mobile application for Android devices.

Users can control the amount of threads used to control battery consumption, and cryptocurrencies mined can be stored directly in the app’s wallet. 

Word of Advice

The aforementioned mobile apps can assist you in getting started with bitcoin mining utilizing only Android and iOS smartphones. Keep in mind that you should still conduct your own research to find promising freshly released mining apps; after all, new projects and apps are always being produced, and you wouldn’t want to fall behind.

Furthermore, due to the restrictions regarding cryptocurrency mining in other countries, some of the aforementioned apps may not work there.

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