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The Sandbox to Launch Alpha Season 3 on August 24

The Sandbox is launching Alpha Season 3 on August 24. Alpha Season 3 is open to all who wish to experience The Sandbox metaverse. Users who got an Alpha Pass, complete a level, or own LAND, Avatars, or NFTs will be rewarded with SAND. The Sandbox, a leading metaverse experience in Ethereum blockchain, announced that the virtual world is launching their next big event in its metaverse space — The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.  In a tweet, Animoca Brands’ co-founder and executive chairman Yat Siu showed how excited he was with the upcoming Alpha Season 3. In fact, he considered

SoFi Launched Two ETFs to Fund Blockchain Tech, NFTs, and Metaverse

SoFi launches Web3 ETF and a Smart Energy ETF. The ETFs were designed to make it easier for people to invest in Web3 and clean energy. The fund was set to invest in crypto exchanges and bitcoin miners. SoFi, an American-based online financial services firm, plunged into crypto-related exchange traded fund (ETF) fray and launched funding for blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse. The firm’s ETFs, called SoFi Web 3 ETF (TWEB) and SoFi Smart Energy, convey a management expense ratio of 59 basis points. It also tracks the SoFi Solactive ARTIS Web 3.0 and was arranged to invest in

Dubai Launches Metaverse Strategy, Opens Over 40K Virtual Jobs

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, announces Dubai’s Metaverse Strategy. This will create a foundation for over 1,000 companies to operate in the metaverse. It will also open the city up to over 40,000 virtual jobs. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai announced Dubai’s official Metaverse Strategy today. Dubai has taken the blockchain and crypto space to a whole new level in the UAE, it seems fitting that the metaverse is next on its vision board.  In detail, the Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to create a foundation for over 1,000 companies to operate

Walt Disney Company Goes Big on Web3 and Metaverse

Disney announces the six companies interested in joining the 2022 accelerator. This year’s theme “Building the Metaverse” focuses on augmented and virtual reality, as well as the metaverse. Polygon is among the six companies to be joining the Disney accelerator. This year’s Disney Accelerator class is focused on developing the future of immersive experiences that specializes in augmented reality, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and artificial intelligence. A recent tweet by @PuffYatty states that Disney is taking web 3 seriously as the program’s theme is “Building the Metaverse.” It also focuses on virtual reality and also Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As the Disney

Playboy and OnlyFans to Clash in Battle in the Metaverse

The Sandbox and Playboy have struck a partnership. Playboy will launch NFTs and build a virtual metamansion in the metaverse.  It will launch the NFTs on the social platform ‘Centerfold’ to compete with OnlyFans. The Sandbox is partnering with Playboy to bring NFTs and a MetaMansion into the metaverse. It seems the metaverse is gaining more popularity amongst major brands across the world.  As we can see from the tweet and video above, it looks like Playboy has big plans for its entrance into the metaverse. In fact, Playboy’s debut will include digital subscriptions, NFTs, and a massive virtual mansion. 

HTC Makes a Comeback With Metaverse Phone Tailored for web3

HTC announces the launch of its metaverse phone today.  The metaverse phone is called ‘Desire 22 Pro’. It supports web3, metaverse, and crypto apps on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. HTC makes a huge comeback and turns the tide for smartphones everywhere by introducing its latest metaverse phone. The launch of ‘Desire 22 Pro’ is making waves in the crypto and blockchain sphere today.  In detail, the metaverse phone will come with a digital assets wallet as well as a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. The latter will be available as a pairing feature and is in the strategy of the

Meta Introduce Meta Pay and Digital Wallet for the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg makes an exciting announcement via his Facebook page.  He says Meta is introducing Meta Pay and a digital wallet for the metaverse.  With this, he hopes to create greater opportunities for creators on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg — Founder of Facebook, made an exciting announcement on his Facebook page. In detail, he announces that Meta is introducing Meta Pay and a digital wallet for the metaverse.  Specifically, he says Meta is taking a huge step by changing Facebook Pay to make it Meta Pay. The service will continue to provide the same simple way to send money and

Meta to Take 47.5% Cut From Selling in Its Metaverse
Meta Partners With 3 Luxury Brands to Launch Meta Avatars Store

Meta has announced partnerships with luxury fashion brands, including Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne. This move was to bolster the products of the platform to launch a digital fashion marketplace. Luxury brands and the likes of it have seen potential in crypto space amid crypto crash. The tech company Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook Inc, has partnered with three iconic fashion brands, including Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne. The partnership was announced by the company’s CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg on Friday. Relatively, the partnership with these companies was part of Meta’s moves to bolster its products on its

Ripple Submits Crypto Regulation
Ripple Partners With Fluf World To Bring ‘Open Metaverse’ via the Root Network

Ripple and Fluf World announced partnership to launch ‘Open Metaverse’ via The Root Network. The Root Network will connect to the Global XRP community to grant access to NFTs over FLuf’s ecosystem. The Open Metaverse allows other projects to mint, buy, sell, or trade in-network tokens on The Root Network Ripple, the company behind XRP, has partnered with Fluf World to launch an ‘Open Metaverse’ via The Root Network. According to the Fluf world’s press release, the partnership claims to bring great possibilities to both of their communities by expanding the utility of XRP as its default gas token.  The

Digital Euro, Swiss Franc Trial Successful. Pound Soon?
Metaverse Project XANA Launches NFT Launchpad

The NFT launchpad page will reveal all upcoming/ ongoing NFT projects of XANA. The page shows eight NFT projects from the XANA Metaverse. Using this page, users will be able to whitelist for upcoming NFT projects on XANA. The metaverse project XANA announced in a tweet the launch of the XANA NFT Launchpad page on its website. XANA is an Ethereum sidechain created for the Metaverse. In order to bring forth a Metaverse technology for billions of users, its sidechain became compatible with popular wallets and bridged with major blockchains. The Metaverse project received adoption from major institutions and global

Moralis To Launch New Metaverse Creation Project
Moralis To Launch New Metaverse Creation Project

A new project from Moralis helps users to create their own metaverse. Participants will be able to level up their web3 development skills by building weekly projects. Members can also earn NFT rewards and get access to real-world projects. Moralis Web3 announced on Twitter the release of its next project that will help users to create their own metaverse. According to the tweet, the project, with the title “Create Your Own Metaverse.” will be launched on April 23. According to Moralis’ tweet post, participants will be able to learn how to “create a Metaverse map, animate it, and link plots

Meta to Take 47.5% Cut From Selling in Its Metaverse
Meta to Take 47.5% Cut From Selling in Its Metaverse

Meta will charge fees of up to 47.5% from its creators that sell on its platform. Testing started last Monday to enable creators to explore ways to generate revenue. The company said a handful of creators were chosen to provide feedback on its test. According to a blog post, Meta mentioned that it is testing new tools inside its metaverse platform Horizon Worlds. These tools will help creators sell virtual stuff like fashion items and special access to parts of their virtual worlds. In addition, creators can also try different ways to generate revenue on the platform. Last year, Meta