May 2024’s Top 5 Crypto Airdrops: Are You Ready?

  • Scaling Ethereum’s Potential with STARK Validity-Rollup for Massively Secure dApps.
  • Blend Traditional Finance with Crypto – Claim Your 30 OUIX Tokens.
  • Trade Smarter with ZK Technology – Earn Your Share of 157.5B ZKB Tokens.

The crypto world is showing its enthusiasm again after a long winter. Users are starting to adjust their investment plans according to the latest developments in the industry. In addition to purchasing cryptocurrency outright, there are alternative methods for obtaining digital assets and commencing trading for potential gains. This May presents opportunities to engage in some of the finest complimentary crypto airdrops, allowing you to augment your crypto portfolio by acquiring at least one new cryptocurrency.

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StarkNet is a Validity-Rollup that operates as a secondary network on the Ethereum network. This crypto project uses the STARK cryptographic proof system to allow dApps to scale massively without sacrificing the security and compatibility offered by Ethereum. StarkNet is hosting an airdrop that will give away more than 700,000,000 STRK to approximately 1.3 million addresses. Eligible users will share a prize pool of 700 million STRK tokens.

2. Ouinex

Ouinex has worked to become a top advanced platform for crypto and derivatives, blending conventional finance with cryptocurrency trading. Ouinex is currently giving away 30 OUIX tokens to every participant who completes some simple and quick tasks. Users who complete the required tasks will receive a potential reward of 30 QUIX.

3. ZKE Exchange

ZKE Exchange, leveraging ZK technology, is a crypto trading platform that has been facilitating trades since October 2022. In an exciting move, ZKE Exchange is offering 157.5 billion ZKB tokens to users executing the smallest trades on its platform. Traders participating on the ZKE Exchange stand to collectively receive a share from this substantial prize pool of tokens.

4. Avail

Avail, a recently introduced cryptocurrency initiative, endeavors to hasten the progression of Web3 through the integration of modular technology, intertwining data availability, aggregation, and security. Avail is currently giving away 600 million AVAIL tokens during their crypto airdrop event. There are various eligible groups, including community members, rollup users, developers, speakers, and more. Qualified participants will divide a prospective prize pool totaling 600,000,000 AVAIL.


QuantoSwap stands out as a pioneering DEX (Decentralized Exchange) operating on the Ethereum network. Designed with a unique feature, it enables the trading of liquid staking tokens, presenting elevated APRs for staking or yield farming, all while maintaining profitability amidst market fluctuations. Currently, QuantoSwap is hosting an airdrop event where 80,000 QNS tokens, valued at approximately $200,000, are up for grabs. Participants fulfilling the necessary criteria will partake in sharing this generous prize pool.

As the crypto industry evolves, airdrops remain crucial for token distribution, community engagement, and user acquisition. Projects like StarkNet, Ouinex, ZKE Exchange, Avail, and QuantoSwap offer promising opportunities. Airdrops democratize asset access, spur innovation, and promote decentralization. With blockchain maturing, airdrops will shape finance’s future.

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