Leo Ventures Launches 10 Million Venture Capital Fund to Finance Tech Startups

Leo Ventures Launches 10 Million Venture Capital Fund to Finance Tech Startups

Singapore-based venture capital firm, Leo Ventures, emerges as a powerhouse in tech investments, setting the stage for a new era of innovation with a 10 Million fund. As an incubator and accelerator, Leo Ventures is committed to fostering the growth of disruptive projects dedicated to empowering and nurturing visionary entrepreneurs. 

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Led by a team of seasoned tech entrepreneurs with decades of collective technology and investing experience, Leo Ventures brings forth a wealth of knowledge and a passion for driving transformative change. Leo Ventures actively assists tech startups in both web2 and web3 across APAC, India, and Middle East regions. In web2, the fund engages with fintech, deep-tech, and ESG Tech, as well as AI and ML, and in web3, it supports projects related to DeFi, L0, L1, infrastructure, payment solutions, and web3 consumer tech projects. The team aims to provide a platform for the visionary, to accelerate their ideas, and make a lasting impact to support those at the forefront of tech & innovation.

Leo Ventures bridges the gap between ideas and reality by providing a robust support system to successful innovators and enabling access to essential resources, seasoned investors, and expert guidance. With their vision inspiring a new wave of developers and creators, the team is set to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Addressing the fund’s vision and his strong motive, Mr. Kishor stated — “What sets us apart is not just our investments but our commitment to rewriting the playbook. We’re taking a distinct path—prioritizing visionary founders, embracing diverse tech ideas, and actively sculpting success.”

Leo Venture boasts a constant deal flow from credible VCs, has a proven track record of successful investing and portfolio management, and comes with many strategic relationships with market makers, VCs, launchpads, and many other ecosystem pillars. The fund supports both early and growth-stage startups, providing incubation and acceleration services.

“We look at new investment opportunities through a founder and team lens – as the team executing the vision always comes first. We aim to get involved at the earliest possible stages and actively support our portfolio with all available resources.” – Sonny Mohanty, Fund Manager at Leo Ventures cited while talking to TheNewsCrypto.

Kicking off the new fund, the team is currently looking for collaborative and strategic synergies to explore with investors, innovators, and industry leaders who share similar vision and passion for investing in the next generation of innovation.

About Leo Ventures

Leo Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm committed to fostering innovation, empowering visionary entrepreneurs, and shaping the future of technology. Through strategic investments, Leo Ventures launches high-potential concepts into profitable ventures, driving positive change in global tech.

Contact Details
Email : Fund@leovc.io
Name : Viivek Mehata
Country : Singapore
For more information, visit Leo Ventures’ website. Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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