iTrustCapital Expands DeFi Stack With Fireblocks Integration

iTrustCapital Expands DeFi Stack With Fireblocks Integration
  • America’s iTrustCapital announces integration with Fireblocks.
  • Together they will bring enhanced security to customers. 
  • Customers can now enjoy a broader DeFi stack of products and services.

America’s top software platform for buying and selling crypto via IRA retirement accounts — iTrustCapital, announces its integration with Fireblocks. The latter is a highly recognized infrastructure provider for digital asset businesses. 

In detail, this development will allow iTrustCapital to further expand the custody of its client assets. More so, it will also bring competitive new services and products across the DeFi stack. In turn, this will provide a stronger level of security to their customers. 

The President and Co-Founder of iTrustCapital — Blake Skadron, says:

“Security is our number one priority at iTrustCapital, and Fireblocks provides us with enterprise-grade security through MPC-CMP, and additional diversification from our already rock-solid qualified custodian infrastructure so that we can move at the speed of the market. Fireblocks’ broad range of token support, robust policy engine, and easy access to DeFi will also enable us to diversify our investment offerings and remain agile with the fast-paced crypto market environment.”

In particular, iTrustCapital is a leading crypto IRA software platform. So far, it has attracted over $2.2 billion in assets. Specifically, the brand got funding accounts from 22,000 clients since its foundation. 

In fact, earlier this year, the firm got the title of ‘#1 Crypto Retirement Platform’ from the IMA Impact21 Awards. To highlight, in terms of trade volume, the company went from $2 billion to $4 billion in the last four months. 

As for the CEO and Co-Founder of Fireblocks — Michael Shaulov, he is extremely pleased. He says that with the growing awareness of cryptos among consumers, the expectation for astronomical growth in new products and services is high. Therefore, more and more traditional retirement platforms will address this demand.

Adding on, he says that by working with iTrustCapital, they can give their customers the chance to access different digital assets. Likewise, they can also enable them to easily launch new offerings that do not exist at the moment.

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