Here Are the Use Cases for Moons: Redditor

  1. Moons can be used as a governance token.
  2. Reddit’s concept of subreddits operating as businesses has been validated.
  3. On Sunday night, Reddit suffered a cyberattack.

Recent news in the crypto world has sparked a discussion regarding the utility of Moons. However, a Reddit user believes that this perception of Moons being useless is entirely wrong. Instead, he claims that Moons have many use cases.

According to the report, Moons can be used as a governance token to vote in polls and to tip other Reddit users. In addition, they can be traded on exchanges and used to purchase a premium membership on Cryptocurrency. 

Other uses include being able to use Moons to buy a banner on crypto and also host AMAs. Lastly, Moons can be used to stake to provide liquidity on Sushiswap.

However, the new model of governance token is transforming the landscape of social media applications, allowing miners to capitalize on and own the value of their work. Reddit’s concept of subreddits operating as businesses has been further validated through the success of the banner renting feature. This solution to Reddit’s IPO problem of increasing ad revenue has been received positively, as it is now generating money for the US.

Rather than being mined, Moons can only be earned. These tokens represent the experience of the Reddit crypto community, which is made up of individuals who put their time, emotions, knowledge, and dreams into it. Intangibles cannot be quantified. Moons are the governance token for the internet’s biggest crypto community.

Notably, in the future, there will be extensive exchange listings, the possibility of a Reddit NFT marketplace integrating the Moons token, and media hype and a bull run leading to increased exposure and enthusiasm for the Moons token. 

On Sunday night, Reddit suffered a cyberattack, resulting in hackers gaining access to internal business systems, documents, and source code. After one employee fell prey to phishing, the malicious actor was able to breach Reddit’s internal systems and steal data and source code.

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