Floki Dominates Times Square New York with Three-Month Campaign

  • Memecoin Floki launches a three-month Times Square takeover.
  • Floki dominates a 1,624 sq ft LED screen in Times Square.
  • Times Square Plaza hosts Floki’s strategic marketing blitz in NYC.

In an assertive move, Floki, the popular memecoin, is reclaiming the spotlight in the heart of New York with an extensive marketing campaign in Times Square Plaza. This development is following FLOKI price surge of over 300% last week.

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Commencing on March 15th and spanning a remarkable three months, Floki will be showcased on a colossal double-sided HD LED screen, strategically positioned beside the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square.

The impressive digital billboard, measuring 56 feet wide by 29 feet high and located five stories above the intersection at 1500 Broadway and West 43rd Street, covers a staggering 1,624 square feet of viewing space, surpassing the size of the average Manhattan home.

Notably placed in the core of Times Square Plaza, recognized as ‘The Gateway to New York,’ the 1500 Broadway Spectacular is set to display Floki’s captivating ten-second advertisement at least four times per hour, airing for 20 hours each day, throughout the 93-day campaign. This extensive coverage equates to a minimum of 7,440 ten-second spots, ensuring Floki’s presence.

Times Square, a daily hub for 330,000 visitors and an annual thoroughfare for 50 million people, solidifies its status as the busiest attraction in the United States. The strategic placement of Floki’s campaign in this iconic location aligns with the coin’s mission to capture the attention of a vast audience.

As Floki takes center stage in Times Square, it further cements its association with memecoins in the crypto sphere. The move is anticipated to coincide with what some believe will be the most explosive bull run in the history of cryptocurrency, underscoring Floki’s determination to stay at the forefront of the industry.

With the FLOKI big token of 190.9 billion FLOKI tokens set for a burn later this week, the entire crypto community is keeping a close watch on the FLOKI price chart. Is the memecoin set for another seismic price surge?

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