Ethereum Expected to Activate the Upgraded Mainnet in Mid-March

  1. The release timetable for the Shanghai upgrade’s public testnet was negotiated by Ethereum core developers.
  2. Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade will go live on the Zhejiang testnet on February 7.
  3. On February 9, the upgrade will go live on the Sepolia testnet if the test is successful.

Developers of Ethereum (ETH) gathered on February 2 for the All Core Developers Execution (ACDE) meeting, which was applauded by Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation. According to recent ACDE calls, the Shanghai upgrade is scheduled to occur in the middle of March.

The previous meetings held focused on planning related to the consensus layer of Ethereum. As per the recent reports, the team behind the upgrade discussed the timeline in which the upgrade is scheduled to take place. 

Furthermore, the team provided some updates on the progress being made in Cancun, as well as information on the next upgrade, which will take place after the long-awaited Shangai upgrade.

According to the meeting minutes, the Zhejiang Ethereum public withdrawal testnet went live on February 1. Anyone can utilize the faucet to earn testnet ETH and launch their validator on the Ethereum Foundation’s network.

A possible configuration fault with the CL software client is preventing the test network from processing recently committed ETH deposits.

The Shanghai upgrade will be implemented on the Zhejiang testnet on February 7 assuming this problem is fixed within the next few days. Assume that the Shanghai upgrade on the Zhejiang testnet proceeds smoothly. On February 9 during the ACDC conference call, the developers will decide when to trigger the upgrade on the Sepolia testnet in that case.

The Shanghai upgrade is the most awaited Ethereum event in the near future due to its astounding developments. Radical changes, for example, will improve and expand the functioning of the Ethereum virtual computer. Users can withdraw their staked ETH that has been capitalized on Beacon Chain specifically.

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