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Ethereum Sees $20M in Block Call Option Trades Amid Whale Moves
Ethereum on Exchanges Reaches 5-Year Low as Supply Declines

📉 Ethereum on exchanges hits a 5-year low, with only 16.1 million coins remaining. 📉
🔥 A 50% decline from its all-time high reflects changing ownership dynamics. 🔥
💼 Discover the implications of this supply reduction! #Ethereum #CryptoNews #MarketUpdate

Ethereum staking is making history
Ethereum Staking Yields Soar to an All-Time High of 8.6%

Ethereum staking is making history with a whopping 8.6% annualized rate of return, the highest ever! The stETH APR also hit an all-time high of 8%. This follows the Shanghai upgrade and significant ETH movement in ETH2.0 contracts. Stay tuned for more! #ETH #Staking #CryptoNews