Crypto Detective Clears Andrew Tate of Memecoin Pump Allegations

  1. Andrew Tate was being accused of pumping $SLUTS and $PEPEXL.
  2. On-chain detective Zach put those accusations to rest with a little crypto sleuthing.
  3. The allegations were likely made to draw attention to a $PEPEXL scam.

The famous and beloved crypto detective Zach once again doubles down on crypto scam artists on Twitter. This time, the lovable on-chain sleuth exposes Crypto Trending’s attempt at exposing Andrew Tate’s alleged take on pumping two memecoins.

According to Crypto Trending’s thread above, the account goes on to try to expose Andrew Tate’s memecoin support. The account shares a screenshot of Etherescan. Here, it highlights how an ETH trade proves that Tate is the creator of $SLUTS. The tweet says this is proof that Andrew Tate is attempting to profit from his fans. 

The thread then magnifies the transactions made by this wallet address which it supposedly claims to be Andrew Tate’s. Mainly, it highlights how the first-ever transfer was made from a wallet containing $6.2 million worth of ETH. The thread then connects the wallet activity to another meme token which is $PEPEXL.

Following this, the thread calls out Andrew Tate himself to step up and explain himself within the next hour. In response, on-chain detective Zach swoops in and requests Crypto Trending to never make a Twitter thread ever again. 

It seems the thread was a ruse to draw attention to PEPEXL by dragging in a famous name such as Andrew Tate into the picture. Zach says this is obvious as the thread is talking about a random hot wallet address on a crypto exchange which cannot be that of Andrew Tate.

In addition to Zach’s rebuttal, another response says that the wallet has over 45,000 transactions in 68 days. This is an average of 660 transactions per day, therefore the wallet cannot belong to a human.  

To this, Crypto Trending rebuttals by asking Zach to take a closer look at the wallet’s PEPEXL holdings. Immediately, Zach calls out the account to say that PEPEXL is a scam and that it should stop trying to pump its meme token by dragging big names into the discussion.

Crypto Trending says it will come up with more proof later to which Zach and the majority of the responses called cap. It is important to note that since the rise of the PEPE token, many memecoin scams have emerged. Indeed, it is good to have friendly-neighborhood detective Zach on the watch.

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