Coinbase’s Base L2 Network Roadmap: No Token Issuance

Coinbase's Base L2 Network Roadmap: No Token Issuance
  1. No token issuance planned within Coinbase’s Base L2 network.
  2. Achievements: Completion of Regolith hard fork and infrastructure review.
  3. Future plans: Upgrades to Bedrock, audits, and stability testing.

Coinbase’s Base, a Layer 2 (L2) network, reveals its highly anticipated roadmap. No token issuance is planned within the network, showcasing the project’s focus on development, infrastructure, and network improvements.

The Base test network has achieved significant milestones, including the successful completion of the Regolith hard fork and a comprehensive infrastructure review conducted in collaboration with the OP Labs team. These achievements have enhanced the network’s functionality, security, and performance.

Looking ahead, Base outlines future plans that include crucial upgrades to Bedrock. These upgrades aim to introduce advanced features and improvements, offering an enhanced user experience and optimizing network performance.

To ensure the highest standards of security and reliability, Base will undergo comprehensive internal and external audits. These audits will assess the network’s infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities to be addressed. Additionally, stability testing will be conducted to ensure efficient network operations under varying conditions.

In summary, Coinbase’s Base L2 network roadmap release demonstrates the project’s commitment to transparency and continuous development. By ruling out token issuance plans, Base prioritizes the creation of a secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure for seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

As the main network launch approaches, the crypto community eagerly awaits further updates and anticipates the continued growth and innovation of Coinbase’s Base L2 network.

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