Citigroup Unveils Private Blockchain for Asset Transfers, Targeting Wealthy Clients

  • Citigroup launches Citi Token Services for institutional clients.
  • Private blockchain and smart contracts to expedite transaction times.
  • Successful pilot test with logistics giant Maersk.
  • 24/7 global cash management feature.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for a Complex World

Citigroup, a titan in the investment banking sphere, has announced the inception of a new service tailored for institutional clients: Citi Token Services. This service employs a private blockchain system and smart contracts to expedite cross-border financial transactions.

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Streamlining Trade Finance: The Future is Digital

Citi Token Services aims to digitalize what has traditionally been a cumbersome process—issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit in trade finance. The bank asserts that this upgrade could trim transaction times from days down to mere minutes.

Private Blockchain: A Calculated Choice

Unlike public blockchains, which back cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Citi’s platform is based on a private blockchain. This decision offers the bank’s high-net-worth clients an additional layer of security while ensuring quick and efficient transactions.

A Promising Pilot: Maersk’s Collaboration

Citigroup also revealed its partnership with integrated logistics giant Maersk in a successful pilot program. This initiative tested how the technology could streamline the shipping industry’s often complicated financial transactions. Marie-Laure Martin, Maersk’s regional treasury manager for the Americas, expressed satisfaction with the successful tests.

From Regional to Global: 24/7 Cash Management

Furthermore, Citi Token Services has been utilized in a global cash management pilot, making it possible for institutional clients to transfer funds between Citi branches around the clock.

A Future Driven by Digital Assets

In a recent report, Citigroup indicated that we are nearing a “tipping point” in the digital asset space. The report predicts that the driving forces behind this shift will be the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the tokenization of tangible assets.

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