Cardano Hits $1.80 ATH, Introduces Alonzo Upgrade

  • Cardano records a new all-time-high in reaching the bullish price of $1.80
  • ADA introduces its new upgrade: Alonzo.

Cardano (ADA), soon to become a smart contract network, is now on fire as it records a new all-time-high (ATH) upon reaching the bullish price of $1.80. Furthermore, the crypto shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to raise its 24-hour growth rate to almost +13%. As a result, ADA ranks sixth in the crypto market with a market capitalization of over $57 billion.

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In terms of rapid development, Cardano is one of the most talked-about networks in the crypto world. Recently, Cardano was seen to be establishing good relationships with the African government. This partnership that Cardano is building aims to empower all the unbanked citizens of Africa. Indeed, this is a great move that benefits both the African government and Cardano.

These achievements that the Cardano network is building in the past months spread like wildfire in the crypto world. As a result, crypto enthusiasts and analysts cannot help but forecast the future of the Cardano network. Specifically, crypto analysts said that the crypto price may reach the skyrocketing price of $2 before the year ends.

Moreover, these achievements stated above are just some of the recent developments of Cardano. In the past months, Cardano has just finished launching its Mary hard fork last February. Consequently, the Cardano network is now introducing its next upgrade: Alonzo. This upgrade will introduce smart contract support in the crypto world. With all these developments, we can say that Cardano is one of the promising digital assets in the crypto world.

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