Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions Surpass 10 Million, 80% Linked to BRC-20 Tokens

  1. Over 10 million Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions minted, with more than 80% associated with BRC-20 tokens.
  2. Paid fees amount to 1578.46 BTC, equivalent to approximately $44 million.
  3. Daily minting of Ordinals Inscriptions is around 200k.

The Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions have achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 10 million in quantity. These unique digital tokens play a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a range of benefits and applications.

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Among the vast number of inscriptions, more than 80% are associated with BRC-20 tokens, highlighting their widespread adoption and usage.

What’s even more impressive is the substantial fees paid for these inscriptions, totaling 1578.46 BTC, equivalent to approximately $44 million. This figure illustrates the growing value and demand for Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions, as more individuals and businesses recognize their utility and potential.

On a daily basis, the minting of Ordinals Inscriptions remains strong, with an approximate rate of 200,000 new inscriptions being created. This consistent and active participation in the ecosystem demonstrates the ongoing interest and engagement of users.

Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions have become an essential element of the digital asset landscape, offering a secure and decentralized means of interacting with the blockchain. The versatility and immutability of these inscriptions provide individuals and businesses with increased confidence and trust in their transactions.

In conclusion, the number of Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions has surpassed 10 million, with over 80% associated with BRC-20 tokens. The substantial fees paid for these inscriptions highlight their value, totaling 1578.46 BTC ($44 million). The daily minting rate of approximately 200,000 inscriptions indicates a thriving ecosystem. Bitcoin Ordinals Inscriptions continue to solidify their place in the cryptocurrency market, offering a reliable and secure means of blockchain interaction.

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