Binance Lists Pepe (PEPE), Will the Meme Token Hit a New ATH?

  1. Binance announces the listing of FLOKI and PEPE to its Innovation Zone.
  2. Two trading pairs have been set for each meme token.
  3. Will the hype for Pepe take it to a new ATH after this listing?

Looks like the crypto world is starting to take the power of the Pepe (PEPE) token seriously. In an inevitable move today, Binance announced the listing of the seemingly infallible meme token of this quarter. 

To highlight, Binance has just announced its intention to list two popular meme tokens onto its platform. According to Binance’s official announcement, the popular crypto exchange will list both FLOKI (FLOKI) and Pepe (PEPE). The announcement adds that these two meme tokens will be listed in Binance’s Innovation Zone. 

Most traders are skeptical about trading meme tokens, but Binance’s move to list these tokens in its Innovation Zone is a step to allow traders to comfortably trade these meme tokens. After all, the Innovation Zone was introduced to give Binance users a safe place to trade new project tokens. 

No doubt this has been an exceptional week for Pepe (PEPE). The meme token has soared in a matter of days and has set new all-time highs (ATHs) for itself. Just a few minutes ago the token set its ATH at $0.00000302.

Coming back to Binance’s announcement, the official post shared additional details. In particular, it says that Binance’s Innovation Zone will open trading for both FLOKI and PEPE under spot trading pairs at May 05, 2023 16:00 UTC. 

In extension, the notice says the new spot trading pairs available to the traders will be FLOKI/USDT, FLOKI/TUSD, PEPE/USDT, and PEPE/TUSD. Presently, users can begin depositing their FLOKI and PEPE onto the platform to prepare to trade. 

Adding on, withdrawals for both FLOKI and PEPE will open from May 06, 2023 16:00 UTC. For interested traders, note that the Binance official notice says there will be 0 BNB listing fee for FLOKI and PEPE. 

Lastly, the post reminds users that withdrawal time is an estimated time just for their reference. So, users must make sure to view the actual status of withdrawals on the withdrawal page. Finally, Binance says it will add FLOKI and PEPE as new borrowable assets with margin pairs as stated on Isolated Margin within 48 hours from May 05, 2023 16:00 UTC. 

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