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STAR Unveils Opportunity for Japanese SMEs to Gain International Prestige

Tokyo, Japan, May 9th, 2023, Chainwire The STAR project is a new initiative to help Japanese SMEs gain international recognition and prestige. The project seeks to uncover the valuable products, technologies, and know-how of small-to-medium-sized businesses. With an advanced ecosystem, the project opens new opportunities for mutual benefit between Japan and its partners abroad. A Project with a Clear Goal The STAR Project has a clear goal: to help Japanese SMEs effectively communicate their products and technologies. Through this project, SMEs can gain access to funds that they can use to reinvest in their business. Foreign companies can also take

VEXT is next for Veloce in Web3 evolution

London, United Kingdom, May 5th, 2023, Chainwire VEXT is next for Veloce in Web3 evolution, London-based company to launch VEXT utility and governance token. Veloce, the world’s leading digital racing media network, is diving into the world of Web3 with the launch of its new blockchain utility and governance token, VEXT. Created in partnership with MDRxTech, experts in tech development and Web3 strategy, VEXT will allow the Veloce community to truly influence and govern key decentralised Veloce assets. The Veloce brand comprises of industry-leading gaming and racing platform, Veloce Esports, and race-winning outfit, Veloce Racing, currently competing in the renowned Extreme E championship.  Within this Veloce network are

zkLink Announces First “Dunkirk Test” to Establish New DeFi Safety Standard

Singapore, Singapore, May 3rd, 2023, Chainwire zkLink, a multi-chain trading middleware utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, announces the first “Dunkirk Test”, a new DeFi safety standard, on May 11-13. During this event, zkLink will shut down its servers for 72 hours, inviting users to try the emergency asset recovery feature, and earn rewards for taking part in the test. “The Dunkirk Test is like a fire drill for crypto users. We will simulate a sudden shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure, so that users can learn how to recover their assets,” said Vince Yang, co-founder of zkLink. “We believe the ‘Dunkirk Test’ could

Veax Labs Officially Launches Advanced NEAR-Based DEX on Mainnet, Introduces Major LP Incentive Program

Schwarzenbach, Switzerland, April 27th, 2023, Chainwire Veax Labs has officially launched its advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) on mainnet. Built on NEAR Protocol, the platform aims to seamlessly bridge features commonly found in the traditional finance (TradFi) with that of the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. Together with the launch of the platform’s mainnet, it has introduced the Veax Liquidity Provider (LP) Incentive Program, a unique opportunity to reward community members who commit liquidity to the platform, further accelerating its growth. Building On A Successful Testnet Since the platform’s public testnet launched in late January, over 12,230 users accessed the platform, creating

BitClout 2.0 Announced as Next Stock Market for People

Los Angeles, USA, April 26th, 2023, Chainwire Today, an exciting announcement was made on decentralized social app Diamond that Bitclout 2.0, the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2021’s viral sensation that took the crypto world by storm, has been revealed by the infamous @diamondhands. Bitclout 2.0 aims to build upon the success of the original by introducing several new products and features, effectively turning reputation into an asset class on par with what NFTs are today. BitClout 2.0 is expected to launch with a sophisticated airdrop after the DeSo blockchain’s transition to its new Revolution Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is complete.

Unizen (ZCX) enters a strategic partnership with THORChain (RUNE)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 25th, 2023, Chainwire The team at Unizen, operating the Web3 ecosystem found at, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the team at THORChain. Specifically, Unizen has integrated the THORChain settlement layer to enable swaps between ETH (Ethereum) and AVAX (Avalanche C-chain) to BTC (Bitcoin) and vice versa. “THORChain has devised an exceptionally refined solution that has proven resilient against the trials of time and fluctuations in market conditions, facilitating decentralized liquidity for assets on non-programmable chains.”, says Martin Granström, CTO of Unizen. “This made THORChain the obvious selection for empowering trades on

Venom Foundation Announces the Release of its Public Testnet

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, April 25th, 2023, Chainwire Venom, a Layer-1 blockchain that operates out of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), today announced that its public testnet is officially live. The milestone marks a significant accomplishment in Venom’s roadmap as it prepares to launch on mainnet. Along with the testnet launch, Venom has also unveiled a host of in-house developed decentralized applications as part of its growing ecosystem. The testnet design suits both ecosystem users and developers. It enables developers to test and debug dApps and blockchain protocols, while allowing users to experience these dApps firsthand. The goal of

Flow Secures $3M Seed Funding To Build A Rollup Centric NFT Ecosystem.

San Francisco, United States, April 21st, 2023, Chainwire Introducing Flow: The Game-Changing NFT Ecosystem Set to Revolutionize the NFT Market. Aggregator Beta Launches on Ethereum Mainnet. Groundbreaking AI and Rollup-Centric Roadmap Unveiled; Anticipated Token Launch on April 30. Flow’s aggregator makes NFT bidding a breeze with their groundbreaking “place bid once, buy from everywhere” technology. Flow’s powerful order matching and execution engines provide users a great UX while protecting them from frontrunners and unnecessary gas fees by routing transactions via Flashbots. With a $3M seed funding round led by Nima Capital and participation from Shima Capital and other industry heavyweights, Flow

MOOI Network Lists on MEXC, Increasing Accessibility for its Ecosystem

Singapore, Singapore, April 21st, 2023, Chainwire MOOI Network, the blockchain ecosystem designed for game projects, is thrilled to announce the listing of its governance token, $MOOI, on MEXC Global, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange. The listing is scheduled for April 25 at 10:00 UTC and reflects MOOI Network’s commitment to lowering barriers for new users and providing accessible options for engagement within its ecosystem. Company Background MOOI Network was created by POST VOYAGER, a subsidiary of Cocone, a Japan-based avatar styling & gaming social app developer with users across 74 countries. Over the past 14 years, Cocone’s flagship projects have attracted

Decentralized Perpetual Exchange PairEx Announces Beta Trading Competition with Up to 8,888 USD ARB & PEX Tokens

Taiwan, Taiwan, April 20th, 2023, Chainwire Decentralized Perpetual Exchange PairEx Announces Beta Trading Competition with Up to 8,888 USD ARB & PEX Tokens, a decentralized perpetual exchange built on the Arbitrum network, is excited to announce its beta trading competition with a prize pool of up to 8,888 USD equivalent in ARB and PEX tokens. The competition, which is now live, offers traders the opportunity to showcase their trading skills and win lucrative rewards. The trading competition will run from April 3, 2023, to May 11, 2023. Traders can participate by trading in the BTCUSDT or ETHUSDT perpetual

Metacade To List On CEX, BitMart, Opening Up Trading To 9 Million Users

London, UK, April 19th, 2023, Chainwire After selling out their $16.4m presale, Metacade is now set to list its token MCADE on the well-known centralised exchange BitMart, which boasts over 9 million users. The listing is scheduled to take place on Friday, 20th April, 9 am UTC, at which point registered users of BitMart will be able to buy, sell & trade MCADE tokens. Metacade has seen strong momentum following numerous announcements and milestones. It sold out its huge $16.4m presale early, quickly followed by the 250m token 6-month staking pool selling out in under 5 hours. Furthermore, Metacade also

Swaap Closes $4.5M Seed Round and Announces Upcoming v2 Launch

Paris, France, April 19th, 2023, Chainwire Swaap Labs, the company building Swaap, has successfully secured over $4.5 million in seed funding. Swaap builds the Next-Generation Market Making Protocol that leverages a combination of oracles and dynamic spread for sustainable yields and reduced trading costs. Its unique approach aims to offer liquidity providers (LPs) passive and profitable market-making strategies, addressing the critical issue of impermanent loss, prevalent in DeFi. Launched in July 2022 on Polygon, Swaap v1 has already proven that profitable market-making on-chain is possible. Its WBTC / WETH / USDC pool, powered by Chainlink price feeds, has recorded less