Are Ethereum Smart Contracts Vulnerable to GPT-4’s Scary AI Capabilities?

  1. GPT-4 identified security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts, a milestone in AI and smart contract tech.
  2. Nick Almond predicts GPT-4 could scare people and collapse the education system. It scores in the 90th percentile in exams.
  3. GPT-4 converts image, audio, and video into text, handles nuanced instructions, and scored 163 in the LSAT exam. Its development is significant.

The integration of Ethereum smart contracts and GPT-4 has yielded some fascinating results. Conor Grogan, a former director at Coinbase, inserted a live smart contract into the chatbot and was amazed at the speed with which GPT-4 identified several “security vulnerabilities” and outlined how the code could be exploited. This breakthrough marks a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence and smart contract technology.

Meanwhile, founder of FactoryDAO, Nick Almond, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on GPT-4, predicting that its capabilities would “scare people” and could even lead to the collapse of the global education system. This latest version of ChatGPT can pass high school and law school exams with scores ranking in the 90th percentile and boasts new processing capabilities that were not possible with earlier versions.

OpenAI, the creators of GPT-4, has released figures showing that the chatbot can convert image, audio, and video inputs into text and handle “much more nuanced instructions” more creatively and reliably. Furthermore, GPT-4 achieved a score of 163 in the 88th percentile on the LSAT exam, which is required for admission to law school in the United States. By contrast, GPT-3.5 scored in the bottom 10%.

As GPT-4 continues to demonstrate its capabilities, the possibilities for the integration of artificial intelligence and smart contract technology are endless. However, this latest breakthrough has also raised concerns about the potential impact of such technology on traditional education models. Despite these concerns, the development of GPT-4 represents a significant advancement in artificial intelligence and could revolutionize many industries.

In other news, In a surprising turn of events in the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin experienced an unexpected rise to $26,000. This market movement is considered to be one of the most counterintuitive in the history of crypto, given that just the day before, the price had been slowly climbing towards $24,000. In a matter of hours, the price shot up to $26,201.85, at the time of writing.

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