ArbDoge AI Partners with Floki, Transforming Crypto Launch Dynamics

  • ArbDoge AI’s AIDOGE Launchpad integrates with FlokiFi Locker.
  • Collaboration strengthens liquidity infrastructure, locking LP tokens within FlokiFi.
  • Both communities are ecstatic over this news as both parties are active and involved.

ArbDoge AI’s AIDOGE Launchpad is teaming up with FlokiFi Locker, heralding a potential revolution in crypto launch methodologies. Specifically, this collaboration ushers in heightened security measures and an enhanced level of operational efficiency for users.

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The fusion of AIDOGE Launchpad with FlokiFi marks a significant step forward in both efficiency and security. Accordingly, the crypto community is abuzz with excitement as this partnership offers a range of advantages and novel opportunities for users.

Presently, the imminent update is poised to escalate the partnership’s impact by incorporating assets issued via the AIDOGE Launchpad. According to Floki, this integration could be a game-changer, aligning perfectly with FlokiFi’s vision of mandating upcoming projects to secure their LP tokens via the FlokiFi locker.

In particular, a standout feature of this alliance is the bolstered liquidity infrastructure. Users who opt to contribute margin and reserve LP tokens to establish initial liquidity will securely lock these LP tokens within the FlokiFi ecosystem. In fact, ArbDoge AI’s AIDOGE Launchpad’s official launch on August 22 marked a significant milestone for the platform.

Central to this launch was the introduction of Spotlight Grants. This initiative allocates a $10,000 AIDOGE token pool, designed to incentivize high-quality projects on the AIDOGE Launchpad. The platform serves as a stage for projects to shine based on factors like market cap, community engagement, and unique addresses.

The Spotlight Grants initiative was complemented by the Community Contributor event. With a reward pool of $3,000 in AIDOGE, users contributing introductions or tutorials about the AIDOGE Launchpad can stake their claim to these rewards.

On the flip side, FlokiFi has been steadily integrating with numerous projects. The FlokiFi locker boasts $3.02 million TVL (Total Value Locked), having reached an all-time high of $40 million in February.

Powered by FLOKI tokens, the FlokiFi Locker’s buy-and-burn process for $FLOKI tokens contributes 25% of transaction fees towards perpetual deflation, while the remaining 75% strengthens the Floki ecosystem.

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