Apple’s Secret: Bitcoin White Paper Hidden in Every Mac Since 2018

Rumors Say Apple Has Bought Bitcoin
  1. Bitcoin white paper found in macOS since Mojave.
  2. Technologist Andy Baio made the surprising discovery.
  3. Purpose behind inclusion remains a mystery.

In an unexpected revelation, Apple’s modern macOS versions have been secretly carrying Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin white paper since 2018. The discovery was made public in an April 5th blog post by technologist Andy Baio, who stumbled upon the hidden gem while trying to fix his printer.

Baio’s quest to scan a document with a wireless scanner led him to the mysterious Virtual Scanner II, a device that he had never encountered before. Initially displaying a photo, the device revealed Nakamoto’s white paper when Baio switched the media type from Photo to Document.

The enigmatic inclusion of the Bitcoin white paper has been traced back to macOS Mojave (10.14.0) and continues through the latest version, Ventura. However, it remains absent in High Sierra (10.13) and earlier versions.

The reasons behind Apple’s decision to embed the white paper in its operating system are still unknown. Baio speculates that it might have been a convenient, lightweight multipage PDF used for testing purposes, never intended to be discovered by end users.

This intriguing find has stirred up conversations and speculation, leaving many to wonder what other secrets may be lurking within the depths of Apple’s macOS.

In other news, during a recent meeting with top scientific and technology advisers, President Joseph Biden expressed worries over the safety and security of artificial intelligence (AI), sparking a heated debate inside the tech industry. The significance of responsible product development and release have been discussed in light of his statements.

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