81 Trillion BabyDoge Worth $321K Burned in Last 24 Hours

The official Twitter account of the popular meme coin BabyDoge made an exciting announcement within the last hour. To highlight, the account says 81 trillion (81,094818,358,554) BabyDoge were burned in the last 24 hours. This high volume accounts to exactly $321,865.88 in value. 

To specify, this amounts to a total of 202.7 quadrillion BabyDoge to have been burned in total since the cryptos lifespan. To put it in numbers, that is a total of 202,730,203,516,554,688 BabyDoge burned so far. This amounts to a total of $804,637,552.47 worth of BabyDoge burned in total.

This is incredibly exciting news for the BabyDoge and crypto community overall. Just a couple of hours before BabyDoge made this announcement, BSC Daily made another announcement that drew light to BabyDoge. 

In detail, it seems that BabyDogeCoin has now become one of the top 70 crypto in the world according to CoinGecko analytics. In fact, this popular meme cryptocurrency is at number 69, a number that is more than likely to amuse the meme-driven community. 

Since, BabyDoge is a deflationary token, it is designed to become more and more scarce over time. Thus, its burning strategy keeps it going. It has been quite some time since BabyDoge made its debut. However, it continues to amaze the crypto community with its continued yet steady progress. 

Indeed, the BabyDoge army continues to grow everyday. The BabyDoge team likes to keep its community on its toes. Therefore, it holds regular events and giveaways to keep its community engaged, excited, and satisfied. Presently, the BabyDoge community is so thrilled that #BabyDoge Army has trended following all this BabyDogeCoin news.

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