Will Elon Musk’s Social Media Conquest Boost ADA?

Will Elon Musk’s Social Media Conquest Boost ADA?
  • Charles Hoskinson Tweets at Elon Musk about a decentralized social media project. 
  • This is if Elon Musk’s bid from Twitter fails to go through.
  • The Founder of ADA has pondered over a decentralized social media platform for a while.

Founder of the Cardano blockchain — Charles Hoskinson, reaches out to Elon Musk on Twitter. In detail, he tells Elon to contact him in case Twitter rejects his bid for the social media platform. Specifically, Hoskinson aims to build a decentralized social media platform and it seems he would like to do this with Elon Musk by his side.  

The Twitter space has been all a buzz lately over Elon Musk and the Twitter board. Initially, Elon had the opportunity to join Twitter’s board of directors. Shortly after rejecting this offer, Elon instead made a bid to buy all of Twitter. To highlight, Elon is offering $41 billion to buy Twitter.  

In particular, this isn’t the first time Hoskinson is showing interest in a decentralized social media platform. In fact, he reminds the Twitter crypto community just that by sharing a YouTube video he made on the topic over a year ago.   

Meanwhile, the engagements on Hoskinson’s Twitter post are enthralling. Some are urging Elon to answer the call saying that he would be better off building the ideal social media platform over buying a failing and problematic one. 

Likewise, others are commending Charles Hoskinson by saying this is a good deal and he would know one when he sees it. Thus, many are calling this move a potentially good and worthwhile endeavor. 

In contrast, others are taking a more skeptical approach to the possible venture. For instance, one user points out the need for a private company to do what is necessary. Therefore, decentralizing the platform would only make things slow. In addition, the user also states that change would be much harder to implement effectively. 

Still, others are joining in the discussion by sharing their thoughts and points of view to agree with Hoskinson’s decentralized social media dream. One, in particular, says that he has had similar ideas for a while. To add emphasis, the user goes on to list a few of the possible benefits that’ll come from a decentralized social media platform. 

To begin, the user mentions how it will guarantee 100% account verification. In turn, this means zero fake accounts, which means users can be held accountable, and cyberbullying and online harassment can be traced. Certainly, there is much that can be accomplished if this venture takes flight. Of course, it may come with hurdles too, but none that neither Hoskinson nor Elon Musk would shy away from.   

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