We Can Give Property Rights to 8B People:Michael Saylor

  • Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy remains optimistic about Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin has the ability to give property rights to 8 billion people.
  • A fork of Bitcoin should be created that is equally divided into 8 billion wallets.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is still bullish on Bitcoin, saying that the cryptocurrency pair has the ability to give property rights to up to eight billion people and that it has the potential to become the most essential property in human history. He also mentions that the network is a digital monitoring network for the entire planet.

The maximalist in a video defines Bitcoin as an instrument for economic empowerment. It is a way for individuals to possess and interact with the global financial system in a more direct way.

Saylor also encouraged other companies to invest in Bitcoin, saying that it is a good hedge against inflation. He added that BTC could be held as cash on the balance sheet, which provides companies with more flexibility.

Different parties have however come up to bring their views on Microstrategy CEO`s view of Bitcoin and its promises. A reply to the video says that, in his world, because Michael Saylor was the rich and early adopter, he is just going to get logarithmically rich as people have to move the decimal due to lack of liquidity caused by artificial scarcity

Another person in the comment section stated that In the case of property rights, a fork of Bitcoin should be made which is equally distributed into 8 billion wallets, and give every human access to one.

According to him, “that would be closer to what Saylor is saying, but he doesn’t want this. He wants people without BTC to depend on those who have it.”

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