US Presidential Candidates Step Up To Meet Bitcoin Call

US Government Emerges as One of World's Largest Bitcoin Holders
  1. US Presidential candidates are showing support for Bitcoin.
  2. The Republican candidate seems to be supportive despite not fully understanding Bitcoin.
  3. The Democratic candidate has already made it very clear on supporting Bitcoin.

It seems US Presidential candidates see a great potential in supporting Bitcoin and crypto-related activities to support their campaigns this year. With US Presidential elections drawing closer, candidates are scrambling to find ways to connect to their voters. Is their support for Bitcoin (BTC) genuine or just to stack votes?

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As we can see from the tweet above, Republican candidate Ronald DeSantis shows his support for the pioneer crypto asset. Specifically, he made it clear in one of his Twitter spaces last night, that he would, as President, allow Bitcoin activity. 

Specifically, DeSantis mentions that most politicians in Washington are “anti-Bitcoin” simply because they do not exercise full control over it. In particular, he said if he’d become the next President of the United States, he would “protect your right to do things like Bitcoin”.

The tweet from Coin Bureau goes on to point out how one does not “do” Bitcoin. However, it is still a breath of fresh air to see how the current US Presidential candidates are showing positive signs towards the industry during their campaigns.

To highlight, the tweet draws light to Democratic US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. This candidate has made it very clear that he not only supports Bitcoin, but that he also understands its use and how it works. 

Kennedy was a keynote at the Bitcoin 2023 conference. Here, he made his campaign debut and more importantly, announced that he would take campaign donations in Bitcoin (BTC). It is no secret that Kennedy has been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin so far. 

For instance, he elaborated his position on CBDC; he is certainly not on its side. He says the current government is launching a war on crypto and a CBDC would only continue to aid this fight. Therefore, his candidacy is openly opposing that of Joe Biden.

Besides this, Kennedy is also hoping to make the US a global Bitcoin hub. This comes with the plan to make Bitcoin mining tax-free. Responses to the tweet reveals that readers are hopeful for a more accepting, lenient, and supportive future US government.

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