US Food Truck Allows Customers to Pay With Bitcoin (BTC)

US Food Truck Allows Customers to Pay With Bitcoin (BTC)
  • The Nashville-based falafel truck will now let customers pay with Bitcoin.
  • The state has shown resistance to digital assets in the near past.
  • Cryptocurrency adoption has increased as assets other than Bitcoin have also gained publicity.

Following recent updates, the Nashville-based falafel truck is now allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) through the strike. The move makes the popular food truck one of the first businesses in the city to accept cryptocurrency payments. The falafel truck, which is operated by Basha’s Mediterranean Street Food, updated its website to reflect the new payment option.

Customers can now use either Bitcoin or fiat currency to purchase items from the truck or for delivery. This is a big move for cryptocurrency adoption in Nashville, as the city has been largely resistant to Bitcoin and other digital assets. However, with businesses like Basha’s beginning to accept crypto payments, that could begin to change.

It will be interesting to see if other businesses in Nashville start to follow suit and begin accepting Bitcoin as well. Crypto adoption is gaining momentum in the travel and hospitality industry with travel agencies, airlines, and hotels allowing customers to make bookings using cryptocurrencies.

If more businesses in Nashville start to accept crypto, it could become a Bitcoin-friendly city. This would be a major victory for cryptocurrency adoption, as Nashville is a major city in the United States. Blockchain adoption has increased over the years since Bitcoin (BTC) launched in 2009 as an asset running on blockchain technology.

Distributed ledger technology, or DLT, has also caught the attention of mainstream companies for various use cases, such as supply chain management, while many crypto-native projects continue harnessing the tech. Bitcoin adoption has also grown since the asset first came into the world, with entities showing greater interest in allocating funds to BTC. The Bitcoin adoption rate has increased over time. Cryptocurrency adoption, in general, has also increased, as assets other than Bitcoin have gained publicity.

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