Ukraine Sells Over 1200 NFTs, Proceeds Will Help Rebuild

Ukraine Sells Over 1200 NFTs, Proceeds Will Help Rebuild
  • Ukraine sells NFTs to earn funds during its war with Russia.
  • The funds will drive the rebuilding of its heritage and cultural sites.
  • Ukraine sold 1,282 NFTs for 190 ETH.

Ukraine received many donations from supporters around the world during its ongoing war with Russia. To highlight, many donations came in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). So far, Ukraine sold 1,282 NFTs on the first day of its sale. 

In turn, the sales bought a total of 190 Ether (ETH). This fund amounts to over $650,000. Going forth, the country plans to use these proceeds to rebuild its many heritage and cultural sites such as museums and theaters. Specifically, those sites that were destroyed during the war. 

As the sale took place, the Ukrainian MetaHistory NFT-Museam kept tweeting their progress. In detail, it announced the number of NFTs sold along with the total funds raised every few hours during the day. 

In addition, the entity also tweets about giving away one of its very own unique NFTs for free to celebrate hitting its half a million mark. 

Adding to the news, META HISTORY also reveals that only those who own one of their NFTs will be eligible to buy the upcoming 100 winning artworks. This will also include the first four artworks made by the project. 

So far, the crypto community has been one of the biggest allies to Ukraine. Initially, the country began receiving cryptocurrencies in the form of donations. These funds went in to support the country’s army in order to defend themselves. 

The donations later came in the form of NFTs which led the nation to make the decision of making their own NFTs. Clearly, crypto donations have become crucial to the nation. So much so, Ukraine even launched an official website for crypto donations.   

Throughout its short history, cryptocurrencies have proven to be an incredible asset to fund humanitarian issues. For instance, Dogecoin helped bring water to deprived parts of Africa. Now, they are literally the greatest line of defense in a 21st-century war. 

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