Tron Founder Justin Sun Announces Gas-Free USDT and USDC Transfers; TRX and RBLK Revolutionising Crypto Space

Tron Founder Justin Sun Announces Gas-Free USDT and USDC Transfers; TRX and RBLK Revolutionising Crypto Space

Tron and Rollblock have been making innovative contributions to the crypto market lately, attracting significant investor interest. While Tron founder, Justin Sun has announced gas-free transfers for USDT and USDC on the Tron network, Rollblock has focused on bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized gaming with an excellent online casino. 

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Are you curious to know more about these projects? Read on to explore these developments in detail! 

Gas-free Stablecoin Transfers To Bolster Tron’s Price  

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Justin Sun, founder of Tron announced that his team was developing a new solution that enables gas-free USDT and USDC stablecoin transfers, which is projected to be launched in Q4 of this year. The news follows Tron’s on-chain analysis from Artemis on June 27.

The analysis revealed that addresses using stablecoins on the Tron network were at an ATH and that Tron had witnessed “consistent growth” across all stablecoin metrics. Notably, Justin Sun said the gas-free solution will be implemented on the Tron blockchain first. 

Subsequently, it’ll support Ethereum and all other EVM-compatible public networks at a later time. Many market experts speculate that the initiative will not only help in enhancing crypto transactions on the Tron network but will also potentially boost the Tron price towards its February high even before the launch. 

Rollblock Democratizes Access To The Gambling Industry 

Rollblock is an emerging GambleFi protocol that has successfully disrupted the $450 billion  gambling industry through its AI-driven gaming ecosystem. The project has quickly positioned itself as the world’s first-ever community-backed crypto casino, offering transparent analytics on betting history, the most crucial factor in the gambling industry.

Unlike traditional platforms, Rollblock has democratized access to the casino industry, offering high gambling payouts once reversed for only the elite and bureaucrat class. As a result, investors from diverse backgrounds are increasingly adopting its innovative online casino, which offers over 150 games sourced from top providers. 

Adding to Rollblock’s appeal is its swift deposits and withdrawals feature which has bolstered investor confidence in the platform. It has also prioritized privacy and security by eliminating the need for KYC verifications and undergoing routine smart contract audits by reputable firms, ensuring that investor funds and data are highly protected.  

Earn Over 800% On Rollblock’s Presale  

The projected gains from the potential surge in the Tron price are nothing compared to the profits that early investors of Rollblock’s presale stand to get, especially following the official launch of the RBLK token. Specifically, many analysts forecast a staggering 800% surge in the token’s public sale. 

Rollblock’s increasing market dominance can be seen from the presale’s performance data. Over $1 million has been raised in funding, with approximately 33 million RBLK tokens already sold. Moreover, there are less than five days left until Rollblock’s conclusion of its ongoing presale stage 3

Notably, there’s not much time left to coup the tokens at their current attractive price of $0.0154. Adding to the excitement, presale participants will get automatic access to Rollblock’s online casino, earn a percentage of its revenues, and enjoy a buy-back feature that also helps to drive up the prices of RBLK. 


While Justin Sun’s initiative on gas-free stablecoin transfers is a significant development that could revolutionize crypto transactions, Rollblock’s innovative contribution to the gambling industry and its ongoing presale presents an exciting investment opportunity that’s geared to turn many into millionaires. 

Moreover, as both altcoins continue to innovate and expand their offerings, they are set to make a substantial impact on the cryptocurrency landscape. There is truly no better time to explore these opportunities. 

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