Tori Zero Launches NFT Mint, Auction From April 25

Tori Zero Launches NFT Mint, Auction From April 25
  • Tori Zero will launch its NFTs in four stages on April 25th-26th.
  • The stages include three tiers of whitelist mint and a public Dutch auction.
  • The NFT project in partnership with Wirex announced the integration of Wirex Wallet.

Tori Zero announced a series of whitelist mints, along with the mint date for their NFTs. The video tweet revealed four stages of its NFT mint, which include Whitelist tier 1 mint, Dutch public auction, whitelist tier 2 mint, and the mint of the remaining whitelist.

“Please head over to to complete your WL registration and comment when you’re ready for the takeoff,” the caption of their tweet along with the instruction on how to register to its whitelist. 

The mint date will be on April 25th to April 26th for all of the mint stages. Starting price for whitelist tier 1 will be at 0.08 ETH. The following whitelist tiers along with the Dutch auction will have higher mint prices, which will depend on what is the final price of the Dutch auction. 

All wallets that own 4 or more Toris after the Tier 2 mint ended will be airdropped with a mystery box. Whitelist tier 1 will have a 600 mint supply, tier 2 has 2000, and tier 3 will depend on the remaining NFTs after tier 2 and auction. There will be 177 free mints at stage 4 mint.

The NFT project is a collection of 7,777 NFTs of the first virtual idol project in the blockchain industry. Tori Zero is also the first NFT project that uses motion capture and facial motion capture technologies. In addition, Tori Zero will launch a series of IP animations on pan-media channels, and REDLAB Metaverse with the holders.

On related news, Tori Zero announced its strategic partnership with Wirex on April 22. According to a press release, the collaboration will be prioritizing the latest product created by Wirex called Wirex Wallet. Tori Zero will be the first NFT project that will integrate Wirex Wallet.

Wirex Wallet will also be a cross-chain wallet for DeFi and NFTs utilization. Wirex is a London-based digital payment platform that operates globally. The company has over 5 million users, with teams and offices in more than 130 countries.

The partnership linking Tori and Wirex will focus initially on Wirex Wallet. In addition, they also revealed a potential association in cross-branded products or payment solutions.

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