Tether & BTU to Cultivate Next-Gen Blockchain Experts in Georgia

  1. Tether partners with BTU to foster blockchain and cryptocurrency education.
  2. The collaboration will include course development, guest lectures, internships, and a final project.
  3. Leaders from Tether and BTU hail the initiative as an important step for creating a blockchain-focused educational ecosystem in Georgia.

In an exciting development for the digital economy, Tether Operations Limited, the organization behind the prominent blockchain platform tether.to, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Business & Technology University (BTU), one of the leading educational institutions in Georgia. The collaboration aims to ignite a comprehensive educational program focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency, shaping the future innovators in this digital realm.

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In this visionary initiative, Tether will be playing an instrumental role in designing BTU’s academic programs around blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts, along with other peer-to-peer technologies. The initiative aims to create an immersive learning experience encompassing key topics like stablecoins, bitcoin, and other pivotal technologies accentuating financial independence and free speech.

This innovative program will be orchestrated jointly with the Academy of Digital Industry, a prominent local digital education platform, and Terminal, the largest buzzing co-working space in Georgia. The one-month course promises a diverse learning experience involving eight impactful lectures by international and local blockchain luminaries, interactive guest lectures, and a hands-on project.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration, emphasizing Tether’s dedication to fostering education. He highlighted this initiative as a pivotal step in engaging and inspiring the students in Georgia, promising further initiatives in the imminent future. Similarly, Professor Nino Enukidze, Rector of BTU, considered this collaboration a significant stride towards creating a thriving blockchain education ecosystem in Georgia, allowing students to learn from industry mavens.

In closing, envision a future where our school systems embrace and implement blockchain technology to provide a more secure, transparent, and efficient method of record-keeping. This collaboration between Tether and BTU suggests a bright future for blockchain in education, creating a new paradigm for learning and leading the way for others to follow.

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