Coinbase Added Kusama (KSM) Support Into Its Platform

Crypto exchange Coinbase is set to list Kusama (KSM) today. Trading Kusama might be regulated in some regions. Coinbase disclosed six altcoin to be added to the platform in the future. Last month, the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase confirmed in a blog post the listing of Kusama along with FLOW into its platform. Today, Coinbase announced in a tweet that the exchange will now add Kusama (KSM) support into the platform. Coinbase will start accepting inbound transfers of the newly listed cryptocurrency in supported regions. Kusama is a protocol that allows cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset.

Mangata X Wins Parachain Slot, Will Board Kusama Soon
Mangata X Wins Parachain Slot, Will Board Kusama Soon

Mangata X wins Parachain auction slot. It did so after a record-breaking crowdloan round. The platform aims to connect Ethereum and Kusama. Mangata X is ecstatic to announce its milestone on hitting its first goal towards launching the ‘most capital efficient and fair DEX’. To specify, the milestone is that Mangata X just won a Parachain slot.  In detail, winning this slot means Mangata X will soon onboard to the Kusama Network on April 04, 2022. This step brings the project to the completion of its Crowdloan phase. In which, step one was the Crowdload, and step two was to