SEXN Platform: OnlyFans V2.0 or Rug Pull Soon?

  • SEXN claims to reward people for having sex via its Sex-to-Earn model.
  • SEXN has two native tokens, SOT and SST, on top of NFTs.
  • Some people hinted at the possibility of a rug pull.

A new platform SEXN promises to reward people via its ‘Sex-to-Earn’ model. However, some are accusing the platform of doing a rug pull soon.

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Some media companies, not to mention some individuals on social media, have questioned the project’s feasibility. To bring the uninitiated up to speed, SEXN — probably named after the Move-to-Earn project STEPN — claims that it will incentivize people who engage in sexual acts or even foreplays.

SEXN has two native tokens — SOT and SST. The former is a token that users can earn once they purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offered by SEXN. Meanwhile, the latter is a governance token that will become the medium for steering the direction of SEXN.

The project has raised some eyebrows, with some alleging that the project is a scam.

Meanwhile, Vice magazine and YGG Studios have already mentioned the possibility of SEXN doing a rug pull soon.

To be fair, SEXN has explained how the platform will be able to deliver according to its unconventional business model and niche. Aside from SEXN NFTs, the platform has different modes of earning. These include Coitus Mode, Masturbation Mode, Sadism and Masochism Mode, and Super Mode.

Coitus Mode is for those who purchased the NFTs. Before performing a sexual act, users will need to push the ‘Start’ button on an app (which does not exist yet). 

As the name suggests, people who touch themselves can earn tokens via the Masturbation Mode. To do this, they need to wear their smartwatch. It is not clear, however, which smartwatch they need or how the app will be integrated into the device.

Not everyone will be able to choose the Sadism and Masochism Mode, as SEXN will require those interested to pass a professional exam. Finally, Super Mode is for those who want to have multiple sex sessions.

Finally, people will be able to upload photos or videos of their sexual experience and get paid, just like on adult websites including OnlyFans.

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