Rising Economic Strain Leads to Higher Faith in Bitcoin

Rising Economic Strain Leads to Higher Faith in Bitcoin
  • CEO of MicroStrategy — Michael Saylor shares an interesting video on Twitter. 
  • The tweet highlights a quote from the video about Bitcoin gaining global interest.
  • Host of Coin Stories podcast — Natalie Burnell shares her opinion on the power of Bitcoin

CEO of MicroStrategy — Michael Saylor, shares an insightful video from Fox Business. Specifically, the video is about a conversation between a reporter and Natalie Burnell. Burnell is the host of a famous Bitcoin and crypto podcast — Coin Stories.    

As we can see from this video, Burnell talks about how the old financial system is slowly crashing and burning. In detail, the Russia Ukraine crisis escalating into a war has a large impact on our economy. Many around the world are donating funds to Ukraine in the form of cryptos like BTC and ETH. 

For instance, the value of the Ruble has tanked. In turn, the prices of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other cryptos are on the rise. This is proof that the public is slowly putting their faith in cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat money. 

To highlight, Burnell makes a statement that resonates with all firm Bitcoin and crypto believers like Michael Saylor.  

The world is waking up to the fact that every form of money that exists right now, except Bitcoin, can and has been manipulated by political and centralized forces, especially during a crisis, and people are opting out.

In particular, she says that people are beginning to see the difference that crypto assets are making. Presently, those holding power over fiat and other centralized assets have begun to freeze funds. Losing control over their assets has made the common folk aware of the power of crypto assets. 

“Bitcoin has rules but no rulers.” Burnell believes that the current economical state is a showdown between two systems. The old guard where centralized authority controls the masses through manipulation and obedience and the new hopeful decentralized system that offers hope and financial freedom. 

Lastly, the reporter asks Burnell why the price of Bitcoin has not surpassed $100,000. In reply, Burnell says once the majority of the world recognizes the economic freedom that comes with Bitcoin and understands how it works, then we shall see it.  

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