Rakuten Will Soon Release Popular Anime and Manga NFTs

Rakuten Will Soon Release Popular Anime and Manga NFTs
  • Japan e-commerce titan Rakuten says it will launch an NFT marketplace. 
  • It sees the growing potential of NFTs and decided to join in. 
  • Rakuten will release its own NFTs based on Japan’s many famous Manga and Anime.

As the crypto world continues to grow, the popularity of NFTs is undeniable. So much so that almost every sector is slowly embracing NFTs. The latest of which is Japan’s e-commerce giant — Rakuten. 

In detail, the legendary electronic commerce and online retailing entity made an exciting announcement. It is launching an NFT marketplace. Soon, its consumers will be able to buy, sell, and trade virtual assets.  

More excitingly, these virtual assets will be based on Japanese Manga and Anime. Adding on, the NFTs will also focus on areas such as sports and other entertainment sectors as well. This includes the music industry too. 

Above all, the NFT marketplace aims to become a ‘one-stop’ platform that provides intellectual property (IP) holders with the chance to build their own websites. With this, they can begin to issue and sell NFTs. 

Rakuten also hints at future plans. For instance, it says it plans to introduce a peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT issuance and sales service. This move will help support IP holders across the globe. In turn, it will also spark the development of NFTs in the global market. 

So far, NFTs have proven to be more than just hype. It is no secret that NFT trading has led to more and more profits over the months. It seems Rakuten is planning to get in on this action as well. No doubt, in the last two years the crypto market has seen many ups and downs while NFTs have soared to the moon. 

Excited to be part of the NFT space, Rakuten made an additional announcement. Much to the delight of anime and manga fans everywhere, Rakuten says it will release NFTs containing illustrations from famous manga artists. In addition, it will also release NFTs with video footage from TV Asahi along with digital trading cards. 

This is not Rakuten’s first step to embrace the crypto industry. In fact, the company began to accept crypto payments at select merchants all over Japan either via Rakuten Pay or Rakuten Point Cards.  

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