Pundi X Unites With OVO Dijital Servisler, Fast Tracks Turkey Crypto Trades

Pundi X Unites With OVO Dijital Servisler
  • Pundi X partnered with OVO Dijital Servisler A.S. in Turkey
  • SHIB smashes $1 billion TVL

Pundi X partnered with OVO Dijital Servisler A.S. to spread the crypto adoption in Turkey. To be specific, this partnership enables Pundi X to help interested business owners to set up crypto exchange spots in the country. As a result, trading cryptocurrency using the Pundi X and OVO Dijital Servisler technology will now be easier than ever before.

This made the General Manager of OVO, Hakan Akyüz react, he said:

“Pundi X platform is fully compliant to the new crypto asset regulation announced by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on Apr 16, 2021. There is [even] no need for large sums for this as there is no sub-transaction limit on the platform.”

He further explained that interested crypto traders and investors could even trade crypto using small amounts of money. “Consumers who are interested in cryptocurrencies will be able to visit any Pundi X point and perform crypto transactions even in small amounts like 5 Turkish lira,” he said.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu (SHIB) shook the crypto world once again as it smashed a $1 billion total value locked. Interestingly, the SHIB network successfully gathered over $1 billion after the 24-hour launch of its DEX: SushiSwap.

Today, the SHIB crypto trades a decent amount of $0.000007693 with a market capitalization of almost $4 billion.

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