Nifty’s Drops Looney Tunes NFTs Starting With Tweety 

Nifty’s Drops Looney Tunes NFTs Starting With Tweety 
  • Warner Bros partners with Nifty’s to present Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? NFTs.
  • The story-driven Looney Tunes NFT program will debut with Tweety NFTs. 
  • Fans can join the pre-sale round by owning specific Monstars or Space Jam Tweety NFTs.

Nifty’s is partnering with Warner Bros to present a unique line up of NFTs for Looney Tunes fans. In a fantastic line-up that will make the Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? collection, the first set of NFTs will make its debut via beloved character Tweety.  

The adorable canary bird will be the first to appear in this story-driven Looney Tunes NFT program. To begin, 10,000 Tweety Avatars will drop at $80 each. More characters will follow soon after.  

By joining the Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? Nifty’s community, fans can access and participate in activities and games to earn rewards as the story unfolds. Some of these perks include virtual meet and greets, special access and discounts to Looney Tunes merchandise, exclusive never-before-seen content, and new NFT drops. 

In detail, fans can join the pre-sale list in one of two ways. Specifically, to qualify to the Tweety presale, one must hold any rare, epic, or legendary Tweety Space Jam NFT or any Monstars NFT until the presale snapshot begins. 

Important dates to remember would be the snapshot on June 15, the presale on June 20, the public sale on June 21, and the reveal on June 23. For further information, interested parties can check out Nifty’s medium post

The reason for starting with a Tweety drop, besides the adorable canary’s popularity, is his 80th anniversary. Thus, in honor of Tweety’s 80th birthday, his NFTs will be the first to make an appearance. 

The presale will begin on June 20 and the public sale will begin on June 21. Fans can grab Tweety avatars showcasing the canary in varied attributes such as fun backgrounds, varied feather colors, hats, glasses, and much more very soon.

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