NFT Marketplace Magic Eden To Add AURY, DUST Tokens

NFT Marketplace Magic Eden To Add AURY, DUST Tokens
  • Magic Eden added Aurory’s native token AURY and DeGods’ token DUST support.
  • Customers can now use AURY and DUST to purchase Solana NFTs on Magic Eden.
  • Opensea officially added Solana support on beta.

Leading Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden is connecting popular NFT projects by integrating their tokens. The popular marketplace will start integrating tokens of Aurory’s native token AURY and DeGods’ token DUST.

Magic Eden’s head of content and marketing, Tiffany Huang, said users can utilize the tokens similar to Solana on the marketplace. Customers can now use AURY and DUST to purchase Solana NFTs from any collection on the platform.

Huang described in a statement:

“We wanted to get those projects really excited that they could use those tokens on our site. We didn’t see any other marketplace doing this, so we thought it was a huge opportunity.”

Moreover, the marketing head also mentioned Magic Eden collaborating with Solana “blue chip” NFT developers to integrate their tokens along with AURY and DUST. Huang hasn’t given an exact launch date yet but mentioned the possibility in the next few weeks.

Last month, New York-based NFT marketplace Opensea confirmed its additional Solana NFTs support on their platform starting this month. A few days passed, and OpenSea shared on Twitter the launch of Solana support in beta. During the beta phase, Opensea will “collect feedback” to users to “improve the Solana experience.”

“We’re excited they’re here. It creates enormous visibility for all Solana-based NFTs,” Huang commented when asked about the possible effect of Opensea adding Solana support, “We know our communities, we know what makes them excited, and we can ship really quickly. The fact that we’re Solana-native and community-oriented is always going to be our advantage,” she added.

It’s still uncertain how Magic Eden will be affected by Opensea’s additional Solana NFT support, given that Opensea is currently the largest NFT marketplace in terms of trading volume. Yet, the Solana-based platform was confident in its advantage of keeping its undivided attention on the Solana ecosystem. As well as giving support to the platform’s project outside NFTs themselves.

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