NFT Artwork Mariupol Showcases Ukraine War Horrors

NFT Artwork Mariupol Showcases Ukraine War Horrors
  • 38 artists collaborated to create an interactive NFT artwork called ‘Mariupol’.
  • The NFT artwork will auction at the Non-Fungible Conference summit.
  • Proceeds and royalties will go to Voices of Children.

A total of 38 artists joined forces to create an interactive NFT artwork called Mariupol. The art’s purpose is to “stand against massacres in Ukraine” and “raise funds for children” affected by the war.

Non-Fungible Conference announced on their website and Twitter that they’ll be displaying the NFT artwork for Europe’s premier event for non-fungible assets in Lisbon, Portugal. The event, which will occur on April 4-5, will host talks, panels, workshops, and exhibit artworks of 100+ artists. Mariupol will also appear on a massive screen at the center stage.

‘Mariupol’ is a living masterpiece consisting of 13 different layers. Each layer will have between two to four distinctive states. The master owner of Mariupol will have the power to choose the final appearance from amongst these states. A total of 14 collectors can purchase the NFT artwork (one master NFT and 13 layers of NFTs). The auction will be open to anybody. 

“Like everyone on this continent, and in this world, I am horrified by the images we are getting from Ukraine of innocent civilians being bombed once again. The horror, disgust, and pain forces people to act,” John Karp, founder of Non-Fungible Conference, talked about the purpose of Mariupol.

“It makes bystanders want to do something. I hope this artwork can be a testament to the power of community and collaboration and proof that, while there is still too much evil and suffering in this world, there is plenty of good left,” the founder added in detail.

All proceeds and royalties go to Voices of Children, which helps provide psychological care to child war victims.

The NFT artwork launched under the guidance of The Guild, a self-funded and decentralized artist-led collective. Some contributing artists are also members of the Museum of Crypto Art and Non-Fungible Conference. Additionally, Async Art provided the NFT technology for the Mariupol creation.

The concerned artists also said that Picasso’s Guernica, where he conveyed the horrors of the bombing of Guernica city in 1937, played a great influence in creating the NFT artwork. Mariupol, like Guernica, also desires to portray the cruelty of war.

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