New Cardano Lace Wallet Brings Decentralized Identity

  • The new Cardano Lace wallet will be integrated with Atala PRISM.
  • This means the wallet will enable the creation of decentralized identity. 
  • Cardano continues to deliver on its promised roadmap since its inception.

Cardano and Lace is pleased to announce the integration with Atala PRISM on its new Cardano Lace wallet. Specifically, the new Cardano Lace wallet comes from the IOG team and the integration will enable the creation of decentralized identity. 

From the tweet above, we can see that Lace will have a shot at becoming one of the most well-liked web3 wallets. The tweet was posted by, a popular Twitter account with over 60,000 followers.

The new Cardano Lace wallet is seen as a lightweight wallet by the Cardno development team under the umbrella — Input-Output (IOHK). Adding on, the Cardano Lace wallet will act as a central place for users to manage and store all their crypto assets. To highlight, this includes non-fungible tokens (NTFs) as well.

Along with this perk, the new Cardano Lace wallet will ensure secure storage of funds and simple and ease payments transactions. More so, it allows clear view and store functionality for NFTs, ease of stake delegation, and the ability to interact with a variety of DApps. 

With the new Atala PRISM upgrade, the Cardano Lace wallet will support identity and eventually, voting on the Cardano blockchain network. This will act as a key pillar that ensures the protection of personal data in a promising decentralized manner. 

No doubt, Cardano has always stuck to its step-by-step plan to create a greater world and a better future with the use of blockchain technology. Its co-founder Charles Hoskinson has repeatedly made Cardano’s philosophy very clear. 

Most recently, he addresses the crowd at Consensus 2022 to remind the Cardano community just that. He also elevates the need for a stronger community within the crypto industry to further drive innovation.

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