Mangata X Wins Parachain Slot, Will Board Kusama Soon

Mangata X Wins Parachain Slot, Will Board Kusama Soon
  • Mangata X wins Parachain auction slot.
  • It did so after a record-breaking crowdloan round.
  • The platform aims to connect Ethereum and Kusama.

Mangata X is ecstatic to announce its milestone on hitting its first goal towards launching the ‘most capital efficient and fair DEX’. To specify, the milestone is that Mangata X just won a Parachain slot. 

In detail, winning this slot means Mangata X will soon onboard to the Kusama Network on April 04, 2022. This step brings the project to the completion of its Crowdloan phase. In which, step one was the Crowdload, and step two was to win this slot. 

The next phase is a 5-step process that completes the Pre-Launch phase. Here, the first step is the current in-progress step ‘Stabilization’. Lastly, the third phase includes the 4-step Onboarding phase. Once complete this will lead Managata X to the launch phase.  

To highlight, the Mangata X crowdloan saw massive support and broke records on the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem. In particular, the crowdloan hit its goal before 50 minutes were up. Indeed, 925 participants pooled 14,000 KSM. 

Considering the present FUD-filled crypto market, this truly was a great accomplishment. Another sign that shows that even though the market is down, the crypto and blockchain community is still alive and filled with believers.

Above all, Magata X aims to be a community-owned exchange that will cater to experienced traders as well as experimental tokens. In other words, it wishes to be a secure and easy DEX trader for all Ethereum and Kusama assets. 

So far, the crowdloan has now brought on 925 co-owners. Together these figures will take on the responsibility of building the future Mangata X ecosystem. Next on Mangata X’s list is to launch Mangata X to open the doors between Kusama and Ethereum. Ultimately, Mangata X will welcome the next wave of users with as much MGX liquidity as it can hold.

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