Lucky Few Get an Exclusive First Look of SHIB Game

Lucky Few Get an Exclusive First Look of SHIB Game
  • A lucky few GDC 2022 attendees got a sneak peek of the upcoming SHIB game. 
  • We don’t know much about the game, but the lucky few say it blew them away. 
  • Fans, investors, and gamers are more excited than ever for the Shib game’s arrival.

Alpha Director at Shiba Inu — Willian Volk, gave investors and fans an exclusive first look at the upcoming SHIB game. The game is in collaboration with PlaySide Studios and will likely launch around August 2022. 

To highlight, SHIB fans are quite excited to see how the game will be when it is finally ready for launch. After all, Volk is the former head of the globally acclaimed game studio — Activision. This is the reason for all gamers to be very excited about the arrival of the SHIB game. While many are patiently waiting for its arrival, a lucky few already got a sneak peek. 

In particular, Volk sent an open invitation via Twitter for investors and fans at the Game Developers Conference 2022 (GDC). In detail, he invited them to the Press Club bar and lounge for an informal party. Specifically, those hosting the party include himself, the Shiba Inu team, and PlaySide Studios. 

To entice their guests further as well as to extend a welcoming hand, Volk promises a complimentary first round of drinks for the first 30 attendees. However, the better treat for the attendees was a surprise sneak peek of the upcoming SHIB game.  

While a title or official name for the SHIB game is not yet public knowledge, the hype alone has the crypto and gaming community in a tizzy. This only grew stronger after the lucky few confirm the fact that the game blew them away. 

The announcement of the SHIB game was first made in December 2021. Back then, they said the game would be ready for launch in 8 months. This would mean the game should be out by August 2022. Still, there is no official date for the game’s release. 

More so, there is not even a trailer or an official game playthrough yet. So far, the team is being very tight-lipped about it all. All we know so far is that we will see a Shiba Inu dog appear in a karate uniform. 

Lastly, Volk says via an AMA with Watcher Guru that the game will be an entirely unique experience. He promises that the game is not a copy of an existing game. While he did say it would be a collectible card game, he says it’s one that has never existed before.   

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