Laura-Marie Geissler To Launch Racing Team via NFT Sales

Laura-Marie Geissler To Launch Racing Team via NFT Sales
  • First-ever NFT-funded car racing team to be launched by Laura-Marie Geissler, with partners Amsterdam Berlin and Unblocked.
  • NFTs design symbolizes gender equality in the racing world.
  • NFT sales will go directly to fund female motorsport athletes.

Laura-Marie Geissler, a German professional racecar driver, signed a partnership with Amsterdam Berlin and Unblocked to create the first-ever NFT-funded car racing team. The project’s goal is to acquire funds for female motorsport athletes directly from NFT sales, instead of merely depending on sponsors.

Numerous professional players in sports like football players, basketball athletes, and alike earn by their clubs for what they’re doing. In motorsports, the majority of athletes depend on external sponsors for their racing careers to remain drifting. 

Furthermore, a female racecar driver finds it more difficult to find sponsors than men. But then, Laura-Marie Geissler found a way to make life easier for female drivers by utilizing technologies like distributed ledger technology and Web3.0.

The LMG GT No.1 livery came from the design of a racing legend, with its skin showing the marks that beauty surgeons use to map out areas being operated in a woman’s body. It also represents the pressure placed on female race car drivers with regards to their appearance. Moreover, it signifies a bold statement opposing the objectification of women in motorsports. Geissler designed the NFT as a call for gender equality in the racing world.

Geissler said: 

I want to be seen for my driving, to be measured strictly by my performance. Not by my private life, my looks, or the sponsors that I find or don’t find.

The distinctive NFT series contains a 360° image of the livery, a high-resolution top shot of the design. Also, the name of the NFT buyer will appear on Laura-Marie’s real LMG GT No.1 race car. Moreover, the auction winner will receive her signed Arai GP-6 helmet.

On top of that, a collection of different variations of 1001 helmets and 100 digital race suits with high rarity can be purchased on the Unblocked NFT marketplace and OpenSea. Geissler’s 2022 racing season will earn funding from NFT items sold.

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