Influencers Advise Withdrawal of Funds From Exchanges

  • Crypto influencers are advising the withdrawal of funds from exchanges.
  • Several exchanges are experiencing financial difficulties.
  • CZ Binance has also commented on the current incidents.

Influencers in the cryptocurrency sector have begun asking for a total withdrawal of cash from exchanges like and This is in light of what just transpired with FTX and

FTX has been experiencing financial difficulties, similar to many other platforms. This has resulted in the high volatility that is now affecting the whole cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the possibility of reorganizing has recently come up. Allegations of fake reserve evidence by the exchanges also exist.

Meanwhile, the CEO of’s justification is questioned by many in the cryptocurrency industry. Some also think that the wild transfers may be related to the exchanges misrepresenting their reserve.

Adam Cochran emphasized that the CEO should fill in some of the holes in’s proof of assets. The response of “wait for our audit” is insufficient, Cochran continued. If the assets exist, it ought to be quite easy to point to even 80% of them to reassure users in the meantime. Acknowledge that under this situation, individuals have a good right to be worried and to ask questions!

Ben Armstrong (BitBoy), a well-known crypto influencer, said that he was removing all of his assets from and encouraged others to follow suit. He claims that the current string of incidents has taught him the value of maintaining self-custody.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, also commented on the incident. He stated that it is a “clear sign of problems” when an exchange trades significant sums of cryptocurrency before or after its proof-of-reserve.

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