• The NFT crazy has reached India’s online travel company — MakeMyTrip. 
  • They are launching an immersive NFT collection to showcase the treasures of India. 
  • Proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting sustainability-driven tourism projects.

One of the biggest online travel companies in India — MakeMyTrip, announces its stake in the NFT universe. In detail, the brand will launch its very own travel-centric NFT collection. This move will be facilitated by ngageNFT, a platform powered by the Polygon network.  

It seems more and more sectors are slowly dipping their toes in the NFT market. The latest of these is MakeMyTrip. The company is ecstatic about launching its first immersive NFT collection. In particular, the NFTs are a collection of Indian tourist destinations. 

This makes MakeMyTrip the first Indian travel brand to enter the NFT pool. Specifically, it will introduce a limited edition NFT collection which will focus on bringing life to all the unexplored marvels of India. 

More so, these NFTs will accomplish that by using the power of AI. To highlight, each NFT showcases a kaleidoscopic meta-world view of explored and unexplored treasures of India’s most sought-out travel destinations.

What’s more, the proceeds from every sale of these NFTs will go towards supporting sustainability-focused projects pertaining to tourism in the country. Interested parties can buy the NFTs and will receive proof-of-ownership after doing so.     

The tweet from Polygon shows that the public is thrilled at this NFT initiative by MakeMyTrip. Not to mention, sending the proceeds to drive sustainability-driven projects is a good way to meet their corporate social responsibility. 

Although most of the tweets show excitement towards the announcement, many are asking for more details about the initiative. Still, the overall reception for the announcement seems to be very positive. 

Lately, the Polygon network seems to be growing quite popular with many blockchain-focused projects. For instance, Prada and Adidas are collaborating with the Polygon blockchain for their own NFT project. Meanwhile, Dolce & Gabbana are also expanding their NFT universe on Polygon. 

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